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Applying for a Payday Loan is very easy. You can request your Payday Loan from various providers within minutes. The question is of course only, where can you find the cheapest Payday Loan? And how do you ensure that you do not pay too much for your Payday Loan? Borrowing money must of course continue to borrow money cheaply! for a critique

Apply for a Payday Loan

Apply for a Payday Loan

Applying for a Payday Loan only takes a few minutes of your time. If you have a computer or a mobile phone, you can have completed various application forms within 10 minutes. Nowadays you even have the loan offer quickly in your mailbox. But then of course it only starts. The advantage is that quotes from a Payday Loan are easier to compare with each other than revolving credit quotes. Applying for a Payday Loan provides more security. A fixed interest and a fixed monthly period so that you know where you stand.

Small loans below 2500 USD are generally not possible. It is better to borrow 1000 USD or borrow 1500 USD in the form of a revolving credit.

Apply for pitfalls with a Payday Loan

Apply for pitfalls with a Payday Loan

As mentioned earlier, comparing Payday Loan quotes is quite easy. The front of the credit agreement usually states what you will repay in total in interest and repayment during the entire term of the loan.

The pitfall that can still be there is paying off prematurely. Most people improve financially over time. The chance that you will have more money left over towards the end of the term therefore increases. If you then want to repay your loan, it is important to check whether you have to pay a fine for the early repayment of the loan. Make sure you have already checked this before applying for a Payday Loan. You will not be faced with surprises.

Apply for a Payday Loan without BKR assessment

Apply for a Payday Loan without BKR assessment

If you need a loan without BKR testing and registration. Then you come with a Payday Loan application often from the proverbial “cold fair at home”. Lenders and banks for Payday Loans, without exception, assess the BKR. You can only borrow money without BKR testing in the form of a mini loan. With all other providers of commercial loans, you unfortunately soon come across a BKR assessment.

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What to do in case of a declined payday loan? /what-to-do-in-case-of-a-declined-payday-loan/ /what-to-do-in-case-of-a-declined-payday-loan/#respond Thu, 09 Apr 2020 13:55:57 +0000

A credit refusal is not without a solution, as there are several ways to reverse the trend. The reasons that push banks not to provide a payday loan are diverse, but you have to try to know them in order to recover them.

Compliance with the criteria

Compliance with the criteria

Credit institutions are determined to improve the quality of the requests they receive and do not hesitate to give a negative answer in case of an incomplete application. It is therefore imperative to meet all conditions and provide all supporting documents in order to expect a favorable return.

In addition, only ask for the amount that you really need, because too much can be a reason to refuse, because it is considered too risky in case of a life-threatening incident (loss of work, divorce, death, etc.) Or unforeseen circumstances (illness, accident, disaster, etc.).

It would be pointless to apply for a high loan if you have a temporary or temporary fixed term contract because the process will inevitably lead to a refusal. Banks rarely accept negotiations on high debt or insufficient income, but you can still request an extension of the term of your payday loan to reduce monthly payments.

Reasons for credit agencies

Reasons for credit agencies

Over-indebtedness is the most common reason for banks to decline credit. To convince and reassure them, you should try to lower your debt ratio as much as possible, at least below 30%. Unfortunately, if you are on the file, you need to settle the situation and ask to cancel the registration before renewing your payday loan application.

To do this, you must pay your creditors as soon as possible. In the case of a banking history, try to prove that this is a simple travel incident and not a normal situation.

Compare offers

Compare offers

Doing an online simulation is an excellent way to evaluate the chances of getting a credit or not. This means that you can only register with the organizations with which your file is most likely to be processed. In addition, the online comparators give you a ranking of the best rates so that you can make a wise choice. This allows you to send different requests, which will increase your chance of validating your file.

It is advisable to appeal to the same bank in the first instance in case of refusal, as it is often sufficient to provide other evidence or to solve a small problem in order to eventually obtain an agreement and it also prevents you from must reconfigure the file. If this attempt fails, try your luck with a competing company by submitting an improved application and, if possible, accompanied by a broker.

The latter will be able to highlight your strengths and find effective solutions to the negative points of your case. He or she can also advise you on the most suitable setting for your situation. The broker will also negotiate the rate of your payday loan to minimize the cost of your payday loan.


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Learn how to organize debt by priority /learn-how-to-organize-debt-by-priority/ /learn-how-to-organize-debt-by-priority/#respond Wed, 08 Jan 2020 02:56:36 +0000

It is common for many people to despair over the amount of debt and not know where to start to start payments and start catching up on life. This is really no seven-headed animal and getting out of debt is not as difficult as you may think, but it will certainly require a certain amount of discipline and personal finance organization to get your life right as soon as possible.

There is an old saying that for almost everything in life there is a solution and this is true also for people who want to learn to get out of the red and don’t know where to start.

If you have received any notification that you have a dirty name, do not despair and be calm at this time to be able to reflect very clearly on the best alternatives you should perform as soon as possible.

But your question right now should be: what debts do I start paying first? Debts with higher interest rates?


Learn how to organize debt by priority

organize debt

Some people end up making some mistakes in guiding debt repayments just by looking at the aspect of higher interest rates, but we will understand a little more about this throughout the article, so it is very important that you read through. and follow the tips for organizing your personal finances and starting your sock as soon as possible.


Tip 1: Financial Worksheet

Financial Worksheet

To explain this situation more clearly to everyone, I often ask you when you decide to perform a task such as cleaning your office or home, if you only clean a small space, or if you already clean all the environment you set out to do. accomplish the task? Normally people respond that if you clean something in half, probably the part that will be dirty will end up dirtying the part that is clean.

Or if you see that your car has a problem that needs to be serviced, but you decide to push with the belly, what happens?

Your car will probably have this problem and some others as a result of this problem. The trend is for the problem to get worse and generate other problems.

But these comparisons are to explain something that many people fail to accomplish on a day to day basis and is critical: organizing their monthly expenses and income into a financial spreadsheet.

Only after organizing your personal finances can you understand how your financial health is. Suppose you realize that there is nothing left every month, so what will you do to start paying off your debts?

If you realize that there will be nothing left over the next few months, consider cutting expenses as soon as possible, because only then will you have the financial upfront to start paying off your installments.


Tip 2: Sort Debts by Priority Order

Sort Debts by Priority Order

In this step you will analyze each debt and arrange according to the following steps:

  • Utility Debts

Remember that even the fees for late payment of utilities are not so high, if you do not pay you may have the electricity of your home cut or even have the service of water or gas also cut. Therefore, always prioritize utility payments.


  • Debts on Disposable Goods

If you have a mortgage on a property or even a car that is in arrears, try to get organized to make these payments again on time.

Let’s say you found that you were wrong in your calculations and can no longer afford the property. In this case, there is no problem deciding not to want the property anymore, but try to sell as soon as possible to recover some amount invested in your purchase. What many people forget is that they simply think that if you abandon the good, whether it’s a car or a property, you’ll be paying off your debt.

What happens is that the good goes to auction and usually pays a lower value than the market value and you still risk having to bear the difference in value and get the name dirty until you finish repaying the debt.


  • Debts for Higher Interest Rates

Lastly, the remaining debts, excluding the above assumptions, are to be arranged at the highest interest rates.


Tip 3: Origin of Debts


Some people from all of the above and can really get their personal finances up to date and consequently get out of debt, but some time later they get into new debt and the debt cycle starts again, so it is critical that you understand the origins of your debt. debts.

Some people get into debt because something unusual came up and had to help a relative, others are always spending too much because they always want to be fashionable. Try to understand the reasons that led you into debt because it will certainly be remedying the problem at its root and will be able to keep your personal finances organized for many years to come.

On this subject there is a very interesting movie that I recommend to everyone called Vicky Boom’s Delusions of Consumption where it portrays exactly this subject and is great for a good family debate.

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The golden rules of credit card loyalty points /the-golden-rules-of-credit-card-loyalty-points/ /the-golden-rules-of-credit-card-loyalty-points/#respond Sat, 04 Jan 2020 03:00:20 +0000

Does your credit card give you miles or loyalty points according to your spending? Great! This is one of the great advantages of the card and proof that this “plastic money” can indeed contribute to our financial life. But be careful not to fall into temptation and misuse it.

To really get the most out of your card score without contraindications, always follow the following golden rules!


1. Never parcel the card statement. Always pay 100%

1. Never parcel the card statement.  Always pay 100%

The recent government installment rules have been beneficial, but card interest is still among the most expensive financial products you’ll find.

So if your budget doesn’t allow it, don’t increase your card spending just to earn more points! It may seem like an easy ‘win’, but it sure won’t offset the interest that will be charged to you if you only pay part of the invoice.


2. Analyze and compare the annual card charge rate: sometimes cheap is expensive

2. Analyze and compare the annual card charge rate: sometimes cheap is expensive

We usually choose that credit card which charges the lowest annual fee. If possible, that covers nothing. Be sure to follow this strategy, but also be sure to compare the benefits offered.

For example, a card may charge you an annual fee but offer a better bonus for miles or points for each dollar spent. From the math because in the end it may be more advantageous to pay the fee and keep the additional miles.


3. Always check your points or miles and evaluate the expiration date

loyalty cards

Finding out after a while that most of your accumulated score has expired is a feeling I don’t even want from my enemy.

Always read the rules of your loyalty plan, particularly the clauses regarding the validity of your points or miles. Many programs also warn you when points expire in the short term. Stay tuned!


4. Do not cancel the card without redeeming the points first

4. Do not cancel the card without redeeming the points first

Another common mistake is forgetting to redeem any points in case of card cancellation.

Some airline-related cards already make this redemption automatically, avoiding this kind of problem. But in most cases you have to perform this operation.


5. Do not pay the overdue invoice

5. Do not pay the overdue invoice

This is very similar to the first tip. Whether due to forgetfulness or lack of money, we end up losing the payment date.

In this case, even paying just a few days later, there are fines and interest that are not low. And it will take full advantage of your loyalty plan score.

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Take care when hiring a payroll loan /take-care-when-hiring-a-payroll-loan/ /take-care-when-hiring-a-payroll-loan/#respond Tue, 31 Dec 2019 02:45:25 +0000

Payroll-deductible personal credit is one of the cheapest personal credit lines available on the market. This is because, in payroll loans, installments are directly debited to the payroll, providing financial institutions with a greater guarantee of payment.


See where it’s cheaper to take payroll loans

payroll loan

However, as with any loan, there is a large variation in the interest rates charged by financial institutions for payroll-deductible loans. For this reason, before borrowing a payroll loan, it is important to research a lot.
See the main payroll loan questions answered by the LifeConnect Bank of Brazil.


What is payroll loan?

payroll loan?

It is a type of loan in which the installment is discounted directly from the contractor’s payroll or social security benefit. Payroll or benefit consignment depends on the client’s express prior authorization to the financial institution.


What is the role of the LifeConnect Bank in disciplining payroll lending?


The only regulation issued by the LifeConnect Bank that specifically deals with payroll loans is Circular 3,522, 2011. This regulation prohibits financial institutions from entering into agreements, contracts or agreements that prevent clients from accessing credit operations offered by other institutions.


In the case of withdrawals and pensioners, can the payroll loan only be contracted at the bank where the pension benefit is received?

withdrawals and pensioners, can the payroll loan only be contracted at the bank where the pension benefit is received?

Questions about payroll-deductible loans to INSS withdrawals and pensioners should be referred to the National Institute of Social Security itself.

In the page of the Ministry of Social Security you can get various information on payroll loans, including in relation to the interest rate practiced by financial institutions.


What precautions should be taken before applying for a loan?

loan application

Some precautions should be taken whenever any banking operation is performed. These same precautions must be taken before hiring a payroll loan.

You should never give your bank magnetic card or password to third parties.
It is not prudent to borrow without researching the interest rates and conditions offered by other institutions.
It is essential to know if the financial institution is authorized to operate by the LifeConnect Bank and, in the case of payroll-deductible loans to INSS withdrawals and pensioners, whether the institution is affiliated with the INSS.
The intermediation of people with promises to accelerate credit should not be accepted.
Those interested in taking out a payroll loan should remember that this type of operation represents debts that could affect the management of future personal and family income, due to the monthly commitment of benefits with the payment of the loan.

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What is the difference between financial and popular cash? /what-is-the-difference-between-financial-and-popular-cash/ /what-is-the-difference-between-financial-and-popular-cash/#respond Wed, 25 Sep 2019 21:22:27 +0000

When you place your savings or apply for loans, you can go to financial institutions other than banks. Among the best known options available in Mexico are financial and popular savings banks. These last two, although they may seem very similar, have some differences that you should know. In this article we show you the difference between financial and popular cash .

The financial companies (or financial companies) and the popular savings banks (or popular savings banks) have very similar performances. In fact, from the customer’s point of view there is no difference between one and the other. This is because the differences they present are in areas that have no influence on the way they provide their services. These areas are:



financial loan

The owners of a financial company are the people or organizations that own their respective actions. The actions determine the weight of the vote in decision making: the greater the number of shares, the greater the weight of the vote.

Instead, the owners of the savings banks are the provincial municipalities, although they can count on private shareholders. By law, the participation of said shareholders cannot exceed 49% of the shares of the fund. The decision making is carried out by a board of directors appointed by the municipal authorities.


Social objectives

financial loan

A popular or municipal savings bank aims to underpin the development of the economy of the corresponding municipality. For its part, the objective of financial companies is to generate profits in currency to their shareholders.

Therefore, the utility of municipal funds is distributed in 50% for members and 50% for the municipality. The part corresponding to the municipality is generally granted in the form of financing to works of the municipality. In counterpart, 100% of the profits produced by financial companies are distributed among its shareholders.

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Borrowing with Instant Payday Loans /borrowing-with-instant-payday-loans/ /borrowing-with-instant-payday-loans/#respond Sun, 22 Sep 2019 09:15:32 +0000 This means that the competition for you as a customer has sealed the market, which in turn has led to companies being forced to push their prices and that you can get your loan at the best price.

At times when life does not allow you to plan your loans and your finances well in advance, you can quickly get money from the bank for your financial needs with the help of such loans. Unlike traditional bank loans, you can also get rid of all the repayments and interest expenses by repaying the loan within one month of the loan. Thus, quick loans can be a great way to solve sudden situations that arise without them following you for a long time to come.

What is fast payday loan?


This type of loan is known by many different names, it can be sms loans, internet loans short term loans or micro loans. But common to all these different terms is that it stands for loan of money for a shorter period of time. Most often it is a loan of a small amount and it is not uncommon for the repayment period to be shorter than 30 days.

Fast payday loans include all loans that come with an effective interest rate of over 30 percent. The nominal interest rate for these loans must not exceed 40 per cent of the current reference rate and the total costs including interest and fees may not exceed 100 per cent of the borrowed amount.

One of the most common misconceptions in fast payday loans is that the entire loan is made through the mobile phone. This is largely due to the fact that fast payday loans have long been synonymous with SMS loans and that at the beginning of the fast payday loans great marketing was done where it was described that you could now borrow money via mobile. But the fact is that everything from the application to credit information and control is done via the internet and via telephone contact.

The history of the fast payday loan


The concept of fast payday loans is a relatively new phenomenon in Sweden and it is usually said that the trend of fast payday loans really broke through in 2006. At about the same time, these loans also became more common in our neighboring countries in the Nordic countries. At this time, it was already a fairly well-known form of loans in North America and in countries such as Australia and New Zealand, for example. Previously, banks had been able to offer shorter loans than before, but in most cases they were still loans that extended over one or more years. But in the early 00s, new attention-grabbing companies saw the opportunity to use the Internet and, not least, the widespread use of mobile phones in more and more parts of the world as an opportunity to find new customers by offering fast payday loans.

Today, fast payday loans have gone from being a new phenomenon to being a well-known concept and something that millions of people around the world choose to use when they need a fast payday loan with a short repayment period.

The difference between quick loans and SMS loans


The terms fast payday loans and sms loans are often used in the same sense and of course have many similarities with each other, but they also differ in a lot of points. For example, it is not uncommon for these types of loans to have a longer maturity than is usually the case for SMS loans. This means that a quick loan also comes with a longer installment period.

Another great advantage of fast payday loans is that they have a much clearer installment plan than their competitors. In addition, the installment plan is much clearer right from the start, which can be something to take into account for those with a somewhat messy economy as it means both better conditions for the borrower and the customer has a greater chance of avoiding extension times on the loan. Something that is very likely to lead to additional fees and make the loan extra expensive.

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It’s up to the family to decide – baby loan comes /its-up-to-the-family-to-decide-baby-loan-comes/ /its-up-to-the-family-to-decide-baby-loan-comes/#respond Mon, 12 Aug 2019 20:21:14 +0000

There is tremendous interest in a new state construction that encourages childbirth, baby-sitting support , also known as baby-loan or woman loan. One last word about this is because just like having a child, taking out the loan in question is a joint decision of the couple and a long-term commitment. The purpose of the loan is to provide a background for family expenses with childbearing at a discounted rate.


You need to make a careful decision

You need to make a careful decision

It is no coincidence that applying for a baby loan can only be applied for by married people, which also shows that the couple has to make a joint decision.

We will return to the exact terms and conditions, but first it is worthwhile to take a look around, that as before any loan, it is worth thoroughly reviewing your finances, incoming income, and subsequent expenses. The conscious couple, together, make an informed decision about having a baby and, through that, taking out a baby loan.


You have to look at the family cashier

You have to look at the family cashier

While spending may vary from one family to another, for the sake of order of magnitude, it is worth looking at official figures for how one or two families are spending.

According to official figures, the average monthly expenditure for families with one child is HUF 260,000, which includes, among other things, the purchase of food, the overhead, the purchase of clothes, transport and more. In families with two children the average expenditure was HUF 296 thousand. It should also be borne in mind that after the birth of a child, the parent’s stay with the child is replaced by state child-raising support, which may be less than the previous salary. In order to keep the family financially secure, having a child and taking out a baby loan must be a joint decision of the family and must only be made consciously.

An expert comes in handy

baby loan

Those who are eligible for a baby loan should also consult a credit expert before applying, as they can help with family financial review and loan application. Although there are statutory conditions for baby loans, the practice of banks may differ slightly, for example in credit assessment or income testing, so it is important to involve a loan expert.

All in all, after a careful decision, of course, the family can really help out with baby support .

Key terms

The following are the most important terms and conditions of a baby loan:

  • One of the most important prerequisites for a baby loan is that the first child should be born within five years.
  • If the first baby arrives within five years, the family will not have to pay installments for 3 years and the loan will be free of interest.
  • If the second child is born, repayment may be suspended for a further 3 years and the state will assume 30 percent of the debt. And when the third baby arrives, the entire debt goes to the state, meaning that the debt is released.
  • The loan is repayable in installments of up to HUF 50,000 a month, with a maturity of up to 20 years.
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The Hamon Law And The Creation Of A National Registry Of Credits /the-hamon-law-and-the-creation-of-a-national-registry-of-credits/ /the-hamon-law-and-the-creation-of-a-national-registry-of-credits/#respond Wed, 07 Aug 2019 20:48:33 +0000

The credit register is a file that records the history of all credits that have been applied for by banks. Some of its aspects are similar to those of the DB Bank list, mainly dedicated to banking bans and credit repayment incidents.

The Credit Register is basically an instrument for easy verification of the indebtedness of each borrower and for the avoidance of a loan that he would not be able to repay.


An accountability tool

An accountability tool

The establishment of the credit register aims to anticipate bad decisions and to prevent households from falling into the trap of over-indebtedness. This is to make borrowers more accountable for their commitment to the borrowing institution, but also to protect credit institutions from a potential risk of loan default.

Banking institutions see the credit registry as a more effective way of responding to the Lagarde scheme, which states that the lending entity must ensure that the borrower is solvent before validating the request. Access to more detailed information could, in fact, reduce the number of borrowers who are too daring and whose debt situation is no longer favorable to obtaining a loan.


The national registry of credits pointed the finger?

The national registry of credits pointed the finger?

In order to better control risks, the establishment of a “positive file” that lists all the data relating to the borrower, whether negative or positive, is at the heart of the controversy.
This national credit register, the use of which is already common in a number of European countries, has been advocated by the Consumer Law, known as the Hamon law. The goal is to have a file listing all the loans subscribed by individuals and to allow credit institutions to control the level of debt of each borrower before giving his response.

In spite of this noble mission, the national registry of credits did not find favor with the eyes of the UMP parliamentarians who fear an abusive use of this file at the risk of seeing it exploited in favor of exclusively commercial interests. One of the points raised is also the fact that this register does not integrate the mortgage which is however at the origin of the majority of the problems of indebtedness of the French families. According to these elected officials, the FICP or credit repair incident file is sufficient, because the national register of credit to individuals or RNCP could be considered an infringement of freedom, especially if the use of information collected exceeds the simple measure precautionary.

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5 tips so that finances do not destroy your love relationship /5-tips-so-that-finances-do-not-destroy-your-love-relationship/ /5-tips-so-that-finances-do-not-destroy-your-love-relationship/#respond Sat, 27 Jul 2019 21:56:35 +0000

When one is in a relationship, managing finances can become a complicated matter, especially if both do not have the same point of view regarding money.
But when can you talk about finance for couples? You can touch this issue since your relationship is only a few months until you are already a consolidated marriage, but of course, at different levels.

For new relationships:

money cash

Each one has their independent income and they don’t have to share much, but what they can do is agree to divide the expenses of the appointments and that once a month each one pays for one of the departures. The times when man paid for everything already passed huh.

When they start to be harvested:

money cash

If you start listening to wedding bells you should think about the expenses that it will generate. Make a budget to see how much money you would be willing to invest in it.

They can open a savings account in the name of both where they can deposit a percentage of their income. This percentage will be set by you.

They can also save for the mortgage loan, if they want to buy a house or apartment. Once they have enough, they could apply for the credit just before they got married or a few months after the wedding. If you are in that process, luckily you can use Vera Christerk’s home loan comparator to see what is your best option and not overpay.

For a consolidated couple:

They must decide how much each one will contribute to the home economy. This will depend on how much they earn at work and the other activities they do. Open an account for both of them and deposit the money there.

In addition, having a budget is essential. Write down all the expenses that are presented and specify who will be responsible for making that payment so that there is no confusion.

If what you want is to buy a car, you should check that you can pay the fees and if you have to make some cuts, both must agree. Once they have chosen the best mortgage loan, they both go to the appointment so that both are informed about the details of the purchase.

Have financial appointments. Sometimes there is no time to talk about money and matters continue to be postponed. Propose, once a month, talk only about this in the place you want.


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