10 gritty anime that are only dark for the sake of the dark

Anime is a flexible medium that can go in any narrative direction. Some stories are the happiest romantic animes while others have complicated political and social themes. The anime even features some incredibly dark stories. While the magical quest comedy and anime can have some serious or heart-wrenching moments, some anime focus very specifically on dark themes.

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In their own way, each gritty anime delves deep into nightmares and the evil side of human nature. Magic doesn’t help much in these stories – in fact, maybe that is the problem. Anime heroes fail, and the dark forces conspire in stories that are not for tender hearts.

ten Lucy the Diclonius proves childhood traumas run deep (Elfen lied)

Angry Lucy One Eye Covered in Elfen Lied

Under normal circumstances, a pretty girl with small horns and telekinetic invisible hands could be an alluring magical girl in an anime story. In Elf lied, however, it is an unfortunate human subspecies called Diclonius. Unfortunately, her special abilities prompt scientists to perform horrific experiments on her while trying to figure out her powers. When she escapes, it seems the story is on a brighter path. Instead, the story is on a very dark, downward spiral to a shocking and bloody climax.

9 Six Gems of Japanese Literature Reveal Enigmatic Truths (Blue Literature: More Human)

Aoi Bungaku Series

This anthology series adapts a short story series by Osamu Dazai, Ango Sakaguchi, Natsume Soseki, and Ryunosuke Akutagawa. Each story is considered a classic of modern Japanese literature. The stories examine dark aspects of life and human nature, from angst to the occasional torture. At Osamu Dazai Ningen Shikkaku, for example, a high school student turns to narcotics to fill a void but only discovers more unanswered questions about the meaning of life. There are no easy answers or escaping a bad conscience in Blue literature.

8 Cute Cat Makes a Cruel and Deceptive Offer to Magical Girls (Madoka Magica)

the death of madoka magica Mami

The magic girl trope becomes some kind of cruel joke in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Kyubey looks like a cute cat and a typical magical girl mascot who offers girls he comes across the chance to make a wish come true. There is a catch: they have to become magical girls. Naturally, it sounds a lot like college kids like Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki. But Kyubey isn’t much of a cat and the deal is not what it seems. The Magical Girls are drawn into an endless war against witches that has life and death consequences.

seven Postwar Germany is the scene of a psychopathic killer (Monster)

Postwar Germany is a troubling and unstable place that also serves as a setting for Monster. Kenzo Tenma, neurosurgeon in Düsseldorf, saved the life of a boy named Johan Liebert. Saving Johan’s life, however, involves Kenzo challenging his own boss in the hospital.

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His decision comes back to haunt him when he realizes that Johan is a cold-blooded killer without a conscience. Darkness in Monster comes from his graphic representation of a violent psychopath. Monster is a thriller with a shocking climax.

6 D’s journey through a dystopian nightmare world takes many dark turns (Vampire Hunter D)

Vampire Hunter D audiobook header

D is half human, half vampire, and his adventures are recounted in two animated films: Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. He seeks answers to the mysteries of the nightmarish world of the post-nuclear apocalypse of the year 12,090 – a future where humans barely fight against a declining vampire population called the Nobility. D hates vampires, who shun his half-breed status. D is a hero to humans, however, as he tries to take out all the nobility he can. Its story takes many disturbing turns in a dark fantasy world.

5 Alucard is the darkest antihero (Hellsing Ultimate)

Alucard and Walter defend Integra in Hellsing

When the hero of a story is a fashionable flamboyant vampire who is excessively selfish and capable of extreme cruelty, it is clear that the story will take many twists and turns. Alucard is ultimately a friend of humanity and capable of sweeter feelings, but his adventures lead him straight into battles and conflicts with homicidal vampires. The bloodshed in this series is not for the faint of heart and the dark of Hellsing is more than the story or the color palette; that’s the whole tone of the anime.

4 A depressing story of an orphan girl is a dark slice of life (Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki)

Manufactured in 1992, Midori: Shojo Tsubaki is arguably the darkest anime of all due to its realism. It highlights the sad life of a young orphan girl. Its world is filled with cruelty and neglect, and viewers were shocked by the anime’s stark portrayal of sexual assault and animal abuse.

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There are no happy endings or lighter moments, and the psychedelic imagery only enhances the anime’s ominous and disturbing effect. Midori: Shojo Tsubaki is sort of a legend among anime fans as the most horrific anime of all.

3 Emma and her friends look forward to the future until they learn of their terrible fate (The Promised Neverland)

Emma, ​​Gilda, Norman, Don

Initially, The promised imaginary land seems to be the story of a group of adorable children in an orphanage. Gradually, however, the facade of a happy childhood peeled off to reveal a truly gruesome secret. Narrative darkness pervades audiences as the story progresses, and the true nature of the house they live in and its purpose becomes clear. While not everyone must die a horrific death, any progress comes at a great cost to the children who start out as happy children at Grace Field House orphanage.

2 Sadistic Teddy Bear Tricks Students to Kill Each Other (Danganronpa)

Monokuma introduces players in Danganronpa animation

Danganronpa presents sixteen high school students locked inside Hope’s Peak Academy. Monokuma, a menacing talking bear, is in command. They can only leave by murdering another student undetected. After the discovery of each new body, the students come together for a trial. If they guess the killer, that part is done. If they don’t, the killer is released and the others will be executed. Danganronpa is a grim descent into the worst of human nature and its resolution only drops the survivors into an uncertain world.

1 Worst Abuses of Prison Life Lead to Revenge (Rainbow: Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin)

RAINBOW Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin Ishihara cropped

Seven young delinquent boys were held in the same holding cell at the Shonan Special Correctional House near Tokyo in 1955. The reformatory was a hell of abuse and violence that claimed the life of one of the seven boys. . The boys band together to survive their hellish surroundings and manage to get revenge for the death of their companion, but the experience marked them for life. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin is a grim look at the lives and challenges of Japan’s poor in the postwar world.

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