10 Hilarious WWE 2k22 Glitches Found So Far

After a year-long hiatus, WWE and 2k Games developed the final installment of the WWE 2k series on March 8, 2022. The previous installment in the series, WWE 2k20, was rejected by fans, largely due to of a number of game-glitches ranging from mildly amusing drops to game-breaking crashes. Fan reaction to the most serious issues led to a complete overhaul of the series. WWE 2k22 aims to provide enhanced gameplay and graphics to enhance the fan experience.

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The consensus after several months in the market is that WWE 2k22 is a significant improvement over its predecessor. New game modes and improved graphics have been a hit with gamers. However, although the functionality is much improved, there are still a few issues that 2k is trying to fix. These are less groundbreaking events in the new series, however, and instead add some humor to YouTube and the fight against Reddit.

ten The broken ladder

YouTuber Macho T posted a video online with a number of his fans in the Money In The Bank ladder match. Online gaming started out with the fairly common online lag issues. The glitch occurs over a minute into the stream when it runs a fan across a ladder bridge outdoors.

After the frog splash, another player attempted his and jumped into the wreckage. However, instead of hitting his opponent, the remnants of the ladder bridge fired put back in place instantly laying down and sending everyone into the ground zone as the match continued.

9 Superstars trapped by the ring

Any WWE fan knows that nothing good happens inside the ring. Superstars should beware of the stockpile of weapons, unwanted visitors, and the occasional gateway to Undertaker’s evil dimension just below the mat. In WWE 2k22, the underside of the ring can be an equally dangerous place.

Several players, in this case Delzinski have posted YouTube videos of superstars falling partially through the ring mid game. Usually lasting a few seconds, wrestlers begin to crumble in the ring. In the video, it is John Cena who slithered comically around the ring as the referee looked on. Often the glitch is resolved by passing the superstar through the ring and out. Then the match resumes as if nothing had happened.


8 You can not see me

Since the days before social media, wrestling fans and their friends have laughed at WWE legend John Cena’s iconic catchphrase, “you can’t see me.” The line, like Cena’s implied invisibility, is lame fun for a good laugh for social media. However, a glitch posted online from WWE 2k22 lets you know the experience of going up against an invisible opponent.

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A player has posted a clip on YouTube where his custom wrestler is in the middle of a match when Baron Corbin’s opponent falls into the corner of the screen. One glitch leads to another as the ring ropes shake, and an invisible forcepresumably Corbin, enters the ring and bombards the player through a table and ends the match completely invisible.

7 Float above the referee

In professional wrestling, a referee bump is a proven spot, usually a sign of some underhanded technique coming up that would result in disqualification. This mechanic was not added on purpose in WWE matches, but the referee can still shoot one of the contestants. Like a TV, a downed official is unable to call the game.

One of the reported problems in the game, however, has the referee float when needed even after being eliminated, which makes for a fun visual for players. With this glitch, the game is not really delayed, which makes the harmless little visual even more entertaining.

6 fall down and pray

The saying goes, it’s not the fall that gets you; it’s landing. The amazing top turnbuckle maneuvers look amazing in WWE 2k22, with the dev team making the impact between the wrestlers or the wrestler and the ground. Unfortunately, the sights and sounds of these maneuvers are so good that the character usually ends up in the head when the move itself fails.

Users have posted countless videos of their crash landings on the internet. The videos are so plentiful that they can be one of the most common issues with the initial game release. A perfect example of an awkward spill on the floor comes from Reddit, where users apparently posted Roman Reigns passing through the tensioner on the ground, much like Demon Finn Balor at Extreme Rules.

5 The five second pose

YouTuber Ricky J Sports posts a good amount of WWE 2k22 content, especially around the created characters. A video was made to showcase his rumble ability, the Royal Rumble match on legend difficulty, and a very good community created Rick Rude but ended up providing viewers with a humorous issue.

Going back and forth with two other created wrestlers, player rude freezes in the center of the ring while the rest of the match unfolds. The video has already received nearly 20,000 views and features beloved characters like Naruto, adding to the entertainment value. Ravishing Rick’s involuntary pose lasts just over 5 seconds, when finally one of the other contestants gets to work on the helpless frozen superstar.

4 No sale of steel steps

Steel running boards are a dangerous weapon when wielded by an angry wrestler. They were even a stipulation match briefly to eliminate bickering. It’s one of the most protected places in professional wrestling, with most wrestlers selling a vicious attack in the steps for at least a week on TV.

In WWE 2k22, the stages are just as devastating, except for one glitch that has been making the rounds on Reddit and YouTube. A player throws the steps of the ring to his opponent on the outside, and nothing happened. Instead, footsteps bounce off the character, usually shooting upwards.

3 Run through the competition, and all the others

As in real wrestling, when the bell rings, a match between superstars begins. Maybe it’s two created characters or a dream match only possible within the confines of 2k22. As the player runs the ropes, they do not bounce, but cross the call table and into the crowd.

A glitch shared on Reddit features this exact scenario, where the player can run through anything and everything in the arena or even the WWE Performance Center. It can be a lot of fun running away as your opponent swings wildly at the barricade behind you. Unlike so many other glitches in the game, this one can occur without warning, but it attracts most players, especially in exhibition mode.

2 A surprise return

Playing as your favorite WWE Superstar and booking the matches WWE won’t or can’t is the main appeal of every WWE game and especially the 2k series, which emphasizes realism and simulation rather than about fantastic stories and arcade graphics. When the roster is out of date, players may be disappointed when they cannot play as their favorite character.

Not playing wrestlers you like doesn’t have to be due to massive roster cuts. In a short video posted on YouTube, a match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar ends when Reigns is thrown through a table. In an instant, Lesnar is gone, and in his place, Finn Balor appears. The video suggests it was a MITB cash in of the Game Universe mode, but the cutscenes and sounds never started. Instead, he just popped up in an instant attacking Reigns and making it look like Brock became Finn.

1 Dakota Kai fly high

A clip posted to r/WWEGames showed an issue specific to Dakota Kai, giving Kai her second straight viral issue in as many years. Fans of the games might remember the Dakota Duck Walk across the ring, which has become synonymous with the generally glitchy nature of 2k20.

Kai’s clip from this year shows the NXT star hitting the ropes for an outward top rope suicide dive. Instead, the character hits the sky and sails above their targets, dive into the crowd. While this glitch is more dangerous for Kai to reproduce, it was a hilarious follow-up to his viral glitch from the last game.


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