10 historic games for Assassin’s Creed fans

The Assassins Creed Games are masters in the art of incorporating real life story into their games while keeping them fun to play. They take a lot of liberties and add more fantastic elements, but that’s what makes it fun.

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However, they are far from the only games with a heavy historical bent. Many others go out of their way to explore various aspects of history, from wartime clashes to the mundane daily life of the peasants.

ten The Age Of Empires series is a classic

Age-of-Empires-IV Header

Age of empires is a classic RTS City Builder wartime series that follows various civilizations. The player is tasked with building entire empires through the ages of a civilization’s life, participating in historical scuffles, and gaining a little insight into the kinds of things needed to make a civilization last. They also tend to have story modes that follow specific leaders and have a lot to read for real facts.

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There is also a spin-off, The age of mythology, which follows various mythologies of ancient civilizations, adopting a more fantastical bent while remaining in tune with various real-world myths.

9 Ancestors Legacy is a fast RTS

the heritage-of-ancestors-featured

Legacy of ancestors is a tactical squad RTS set in medieval Europe. It follows four distinct nations and their conflicts, from the Vikings to the Anglo-Saxons, the Germans and the Slavs. It allows the player to build temporary settlements, manage resources, and assemble entire squads to send to war.

Each of the scenarios is inspired by actual historical events and focuses heavily on the tactical side of things. They require the use of land like most other games don’t, bringing another layer to the game.

8 The Anno series combines both the history and the mechanics of city building

Anno 1701

Anno is another series of historic city builders, except for its futuristic component. Each of the games is set around a specific era rather than spreading through the ages, and as long as resources continue to be managed appropriately, the game can go on and on with just the player’s imagination. as a limit.

They also have the advantage of being well balanced, unlike most other RTS games. The easier games are good for a more relaxing experience, where the more difficult games are better for the expert and the more competitive player base.

7 Banished follows exiled travelers to a new country

Banned is a city builder, a colony simulator that follows a group of exiled travelers. It takes a unique perspective on managing resources where people matter too.

Another unique part of the game is the lack of skill trees and money. Instead, it’s about resource management and trade. He takes a stern look at how the first civilizations came to be and some of the decisions needed to create a successful city.

6 Crusader Kings III is a grand historical strategy

Ignoring the developer’s love for overpriced DLCs, Crossed Kings III builds on the flaws of its predecessors and really brings the game to life. The player follows a noble house around a massive map and must guide their empire through the ages. Something really unique about this compared to many other games like this is that the leaders are also dying and needing to be replaced. There is also a strong focus on personality, which shapes how followers view their leader.

Depending on the civilization followed by the player, he may also encounter a whole series of problems identical to those which would have occurred in the real world, from peasant revolts to raiding by knights or Vikings.

5 Europa Universalis IV spans four centuries of history

Europa Universalis IV covers considerable ground in the history of the early modern world, providing a complex simulation of war, diplomacy, and commerce. There are also thousands of historical and real events for the player to deal with on a topographic map. It also includes and takes seasonal effects into account, which most other games overlook.

There are even actual historical leaders who appear as characters to help or hinder the player throughout the game, with actual events becoming relevant. Unlike its predecessors, this one also features a new Monarch Power system where the player’s choices are influenced by the type of leader the player has at the top of the ladder.

4 Medieval dynasty adds element of survival

Medieval dynasty

Medieval dynasty just got out of early access and really is a huge undertaking. He follows with a medieval character in a massive open world, starting low and ending up working his way higher and sparking events with the king.

It has an extremely interactive environment with realistic interactions with wildlife, resources to collect, quests, trading, economics, and even social interactions with NPCs. Besides having a day / night cycle, this also has a seasonal cycle to add another layer of realism to the mix.

3 Ryse: Son of Rome continues the quest for a Roman soldier

Ryse son of Rome follows with the story of a young Roman soldier Marius Titus. He witnesses the murder of his family and then follows the Roman army to Britannia in order to seek revenge.

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It’s an action-adventure full of Assassins Creedflair of style with lots of difficult battles and the occasional slyness. It’s bloody and dark in places, with a relentless protagonist. The bonus is that while the game is relatively short, it is very engaging and doesn’t necessarily want to hold the player’s hand throughout it, with the tough fights being easy enough to complete and tough enough to really get the job done. the player for that. .

2 Sid Meier’s civilization allows the player to be historical rulers through time

Civilization is a series of turn-based strategies that follows historical leaders as they build their civilization from beginning to future. They tend to be a bit less linear than some other story-based games, as rulers who have never interacted with each other in the real world might end up offering trade routes or fighting in-game. .

It focuses heavily on the research potential of people within civilization and the kinds of things they are capable of creating. Technological advancements in a civilization can bring everyone at different speeds, much like what actually happened. It’s an interesting take to consider from a historic turn.

1 The Total War series has a number of historic entries

three kingdoms all-out war

The Total war The series features a number of episodes focusing on various historical events, from Rome and Troy to Britannia and beyond. They are also renowned for their War hammer installments that use many of the same concepts but in a more fantastic setting War hammer provides.

Total war Still focuses on a squad-based system with the intention of controlling and conquering historic areas and taking into account the types of means they would have used at the time. Lay siege to fortified cities, plunder historic monuments, and build huge empires through war.

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