10 horror games you should play if you liked Escape Room 2

After the moderate success of 2019 Escape room, it was teased that a sequel would follow, featuring the game’s winners Zoey and Ben trying to find Minos Corp. The following, Escape Game: Tournament of Champions, sees the two return with winners from other rooms to take on larger-scale death puzzles, including a bank vault and an entire beach.

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Fans have expressed a desire to participate in similar rooms filled with puzzles, but with fewer deaths. The easiest way to do this is with video games. Horror games have been on the rise in recent years, so there are plenty of choices for scratching the Escape room itch.

ten Escape the ghosts of phasmophobia while identifying them

Half-Hunt Phasmophobia

As streaming has become more prevalent, new indie games may find their moment in the limelight. Phasmophobia is one of the newest to grab attention with popular streamers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye taking the round.

Gameplay focuses on hunting down ghosts in squads of 1 to 4 on a variety of maps ranging from houses to jail. Using various tools such as cameras and liquor boxes, players collect clues to determine the variety of ghosts and earn cash. There is also an escape feature as players have to hide from the ghost or die.

9 Among us, lets you play a social deception escape room in space

Among us beans

Among us was the biggest game of 2020, becoming the most literal form of something that “everyone and their mom” was playing. The gameplay centers on a group of teammates trying to complete all of their tasks, usually represented as timing tasks or simple puzzles, before being killed by the infamous impostor.

Although at first glance it doesn’t seem so close to Escape room, the characters are trapped on a ship and forced to solve puzzles or die. It’s a similar explanation of the plot of the movies, except for the teammates of Among us can actually win.

8 Dead By Daylight Expands Reach Of Escape Room With Killer

Dead By Daylight Twins and Lisa

Take the idea of ​​a large-scale escape room, similar to how Escape Game: Tournament of Champions made with their beach scene, Death by the light of day Launches players into a 4v1 asymmetric horror game where a group of survivors must complete tasks and survive a killer onslaught, ranging from the original characters to Freddy Kruger.

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These games take place in large areas filled with dangers and traps that can work in favor of both sides. Plus, each character has their own quirk, from healer to damage sponge, just like the escapees from the movie.

7 Escape from a twisted mental asylum in Outlast

One of Outlast's many villains

While not necessarily a puzzle-solving adventure, Survive to is a larger version of an escape room that thrives in the horror genre. In the wake of a reporter trying to uncover the inhumane treatment at a mental institution, players soon find themselves in a race to escape the institution while fighting gruesome characters.

The end of the game doesn’t exactly do the plot justice as it suddenly switches to a science fiction story about biotech nanites. However, some fans also believe that Escape room fell into a similar carpet pull at the end of both films, which makes this game thematically linked.

6 Alien: Isolation tests your concealment skills during your escape

Alien Isolation Xenomorph Stalks Ripley

Alien: isolation is a video game sequel to the 1979 film Extraterrestrial. He follows Amanda Ripley, daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s last badass daughter, Ellen Ripley, as she tries to uncover the truth about what happened to her mother. Amanda joins a salvage team to check on the abandoned ship, the Nostromo.

The game pits Amanda Ripley against humans, androids, and the titular alien. The gameplay is based on stealth rather than action, allowing the player to really think about exiting situations.

5 Bakers don’t want you to escape Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Baker Family

A return to form for the franchise after two disappointing entries, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard follows Ethan Winters as he searches for his missing wife in an abandoned house. The house is owned by the Baker family who have all been infected with a virus, turning them into deadly monsters.

Throughout the game, Ethan must solve puzzles to unlock coins, weapons and eventually find a way out. All while being hunted by the family. Comparing the game more to escape rooms, Ethan gets help and advice over the phone from Zoe, which is common practice in real-life escape rooms.

4 Deception gives social deception gameplay an escape focus

Monster Mode in Deception

Similar to Among us, Deception is a social deception game where 6 players enter as ordinary humans trying to escape a series of buildings during a repeated day / night cycle while refueling tools, weapons and armor. Two of the players are secretly monsters who can turn around overnight to kill other players.

The object of the game is for the humans to escape without getting killed, and they can vote against other players suspected of being the monster. This brings the fear of being murdered to the escape room method.

3 Forget your problems with escaping a castle in Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia Dark Descent Ombre

The first in a well-received trilogy, Amnesia: The Dark Descent sees the protagonist Daniel as he tries to get out of a large castle while being chased by a “shadow”. There is also an expansion for the game called Amnesia: Justine, which follows a similar plot, but includes a Seen-esque system of “choosing who lives or dies”.

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Both games require the player to complete puzzles to move on to the next area. contrary to Escape room, this series focuses more on supernatural avoidance, but the puzzles are up to the task.

2 In 1960s Taiwan, detention plays on escape rooms and mythology

Ray in detention with his signature red candle

Detention is a supernatural realist escape game that follows Wei and Ray during the White Terrorism of the 1960s in Taiwan, which was a period of military rule. The gameplay focuses on the two characters who piece together the story in which they live. This is done by escaping horrific ghosts by solving puzzles and using a restraining mechanism to avoid detection.

After being adapted into film and television series, Detention is a hard-hitting single-player game that Escape room Champions like Zoey and Amanda would play to the end if they weren’t constantly trying to save themselves.

1 Silent Hill 4: Room literally makes you escape a room, complete with ghosts

Silent Hill 4 The Bedroom

The whole plot of this game is that the player escapes from the apartment of the main character Henry. Like most silent Hill games, the room is a conduit to other places that can be accessed by crawling through portals that appear around the walls of the apartment. As the game progresses, it is discovered that an undead serial killer attempts to kill Henry to perform a ritual.

Again, while there is a heavy supernatural element to the story, the plot comes down to solving puzzles and escaping, while also battling ghosts at times.

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