10 unpopular opinions on the 11th Doctor (according to Reddit)

Doctor Who Fans have a lot of opinions on Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, and Reddit is a great place to find some of the more unpopular opinions. Whovians have a wide variety of perspectives on the show, the doctors, and every other detail imaginable. But some of these opinions are not widely shared.

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These unpopular views may include the character of the Eleventh Doctor, his episodes, and Matt Smith’s tenure in general. Various Doctor Who The subreddits reveal many of these fan thoughts.

The eleventh doctor’s showboating and monologues were too much

The tenth and eleventh Doctor Who

In the “Gallifrey” Subreddit, Carminero says of the Eleventh Doctor, “I didn’t like all showboating and monologues.” The user always points out that he liked Matt Smith’s acting.


But the different personalities of each doctor are part of what makes Doctor Who. And Eleven’s monologue and showboating style is part of who he is. He’s not arrogant, but he has a unique way of communicating. His Pandorica speech is proof of that. Her showboating leads to one of Eleven’s wisest quotes in Doctor Who in “A Christmas Carol,” where he says, “I’ve never met someone who wasn’t important before.”

Season 7 was the Eleventh Doctor’s best

While Season 7 is understandably popular, most fans have cited Season 5, or especially Season 6, as the best of the Eleventh Doctor. MasterHandSSBU said, “Series 7 has been Smith’s best season.” It was the season that ended Amy and Rory’s time as companions and started Clara’s. The Redditor also says that the plot of Season 5 and some highly regarded episodes of Season 6 were not good.

But other fans have responded with love for various episodes and with support for seasons 5 and 6, in general. These two seasons were also the ones that gave the series its peak of popularity in America, with beloved episodes like “Vincent and the Doctor” and “The Girl Who Waited”. While the Redditors on the Wire expressed their enjoyment for Season 7, none agreed that it was the best.

Season 5 was the only good season of the Eleventh Doctor

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Doctor by Matt Smith

Redditor CodPolish said, “Series 5 is the only good Season 11.” The user continues to disparage many popular episodes, even those from Season 5. Much like the Season 7 opinion above, this opinion is proving unpopular by the majority of fan feedback.

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MasterHandSSBU replied, “Oooooohhhh, that hurts. I disagree with A LOT of what you just said.” CodPolish’s strangest opinion is that some of the Season 5 episodes aren’t even good, but “All of Smith’s 10/10 are in the first 16 episodes.” The Reddit user does not specify how many 10/10 there are and their breakdown in Season 5, the season they claim to be the best. But fans stuck with Matt Smith and he remained extremely popular, proving that the good episodes of the show didn’t end with season 5.

Pandorica’s speech was not good

In “Doctor Who”, says Stolendoorknobs, “I didn’t like Eleven Pandoric speech. Some like grandiosity; others don’t go for speeches in general. But I was embarrassed – in the context it played like someone [confidently] dance in front of everyone in a big show only to find out they’re not wearing pants. Eleven gave this speech to Stone Henge when several enemies came for the Pandorica at once.

The timing is a bit silly, but that’s part of the point. The Doctor is talking about a great game. He has the history and skills to back it up, but probably not against all of those enemies. It puts everything on the line, and that’s what makes it epic. Reddit user HotsuSama points out that these things are what they actually like about the speech.

The eleventh doctor is emotionless

Eleventh Doctor Close-Up - Reading Amy's Afterword

In “Gallifrey,” an anonymous user says, “If you’re like me… you hate Eleven because he’s an emotionless monster. In response, Treacy said, “Emotionless is definitely the opposite of how I would describe Eleven… He was really emotionally attached to Amy and Rory, which he explicitly expressed on several occasions, and then you have River, the woman who ‘he would be ready to get married. “

But Eleven really continues the tradition of the Doctor showing a wide range of emotions. There is his more awkward side in “The Lodger”, his heartbroken side in “The Angels Take Manhattan” (one of his saddest moments) and his loyal side in “The Time of the Doctor”. Between all his sadness, his rage, his happiness and his wonder, he is anything but impassive.

River Song is not a good character

In “Doctor Who,” says Harley-rose, “I didn’t like River Song or that story arc at all.” River is a character who over time meets the Doctor in the opposite direction he meets her. River spends time with the Tenth and Twelfth Doctors briefly, but most of his time is with the Eleventh Doctor. They end up getting married.

River is a very popular character, which makes this opinion unpopular. She throws a lot of impertinence at the Doctor, who is usually sassy. She has great slogans like “Hello, Sweetie” and “Spoilers”. And she is a great adventurer herself, as seen in “The Impossible Astronaut”.

The eleventh doctor is too stupid

11th doc

In “Doctor Who,” Vivicurl says, “He just made me feel like he was just dumb for the sake of the idiot.” TheSilverNoble responds, “I think you’re right, he was silly to himself. [But] I think that was the point. Eleven decided that, rather than ruminating on his past, he would try to distract himself from it, try to act as if he didn’t mind. As we said in the 50th, it is the man who forgets. “

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As TheSilverNoble puts it, Eleven has the right amount of silliness. The Ninth Doctor and even the Tenth carried the weight of the Time War with them. But Eleven is doing her best to move on, and part of that has to do with her upbeat demeanor and childish demeanor.

The eleventh doctor was so cool

The Eleventh Doctor and Alec Palmer in front of a photo wall

In “Doctor Who,” an anonymous user says, “I don’t really like Amy or Eleven, although I understand why people do. I can’t put my finger on why… they both seemed a bit too much. cool for school? ” You could say Amy is cool, but Eleven is a complete jerk, and that’s why people love her.

There is the obvious “bow ties are cool”, one of its best features. There is also the love for a good fez. Eleven’s definition of “cool” is what most people would consider uncool. In “The Lodger”, the Doctor gets a roommate. He said, “Now all I have to do is pretend to be an ordinary human being. Simple. What could go wrong?” Amy replies, “Have you seen each other?

“Vincent and the Doctor” is overrated

In “Doctor Who”, CodPolish shares another unpopular opinion, saying, “Vincent and the Doctor are extremely overrated… people base everything on the last ten minutes.” The episode shows how Vincent Van Gogh sees how much his work is loved these days, but he commits suicide anyway when he returns to the past.

As previously mentioned, CodPolish thought Season 5 was Matt Smith’s only good season, but “Vincent and the Doctor” is often considered the best episode in Season 5. LaMarySue even called the best TV episode of the decade. The episode also ranks as the second best Doctor Who episode with the eleventh doctor on IMDb. Tony Curran, in particular, received top marks for his performance as Van Gogh.

The eleventh doctor is overrated

Eleventh Doctor calling Clara before regenerating

Redditor FarrowtheEdgehog15 said: “I really think the Eleventh Doctor and his time are getting far too much love and praise… He’s constantly toggled between a childish jester and a brash jerk.” The user pointed out that they like the Eleventh Doctor, but it doesn’t match any other Doctor for them.

The responses were mostly respectful, but not everyone in the thread agreed with the original post. The OP listed episodes that “weren’t good,” and fans responded by saying that these were some of their favorite episodes. Others have pointed out that Eleven may have been childish, but every Doctor has a different personality, and none of them are perfect. Eleven is a very popular doctor, not just among newbies who, but globally. The show’s peak popularity in America came when Matt Smith played the Eleventh Doctor, and like any great Doctor, fans often complain that he’s no longer the star.

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