4K TV: not satisfied with your image? Here are 6 reasons why

TV Answer Man, we have a very nice quality 65 inch Samsung TV 4K. However, the 4K image quality is not as good as the same movie or sporting event viewed on regular programming channels. Any idea why? DIRECTV had no response when a technician came to us and verified the issues. — Caroline, selected city.

Caroline, you are not alone. Countless 4K TV owners have commented on social media sites and internet message boards that the 4K picture was not what they expected when they decided to spend a grand or two for one. new set.

They lament that the 4K image lacks the detail and sharpness you expect from a format that offers four times the resolution of a high definition image.

So is 4K TV a big hoax? A marketing program to get people to buy new sets?

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Not really. I own a 4K TV (55 inch LG OLED TV and 75 inch Sony Bravia set) and am often amazed at the picture quality. There’s a realism and liveliness to the image that I’ve never felt before.

But that said, sometimes I’m disappointed too. The picture is flat, too dark or just not better than HD. And some people think it may actually be worse.

If your 4K TV picture is disappointing, there may be six reasons and hopefully six solutions. And here they are:

1. How the TV is calibrated

4K television is not a plug-and-play television. After bringing the device home, you’ll likely need to adjust the TV’s picture settings to display the best picture possible. If they are not calibrated correctly, you may be disappointed.

After purchasing my TV, I spent several hours researching the best settings for my TV online, then experimenting with several “picture modes” before settling on one. And even after choosing one, I had to go to the manual settings area to adjust a feature to reduce the contrast that gave my photo “the soap opera effect”.

It was not an easy process. And I’ve been in this business for 25 years.

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2. Overall quality
Even more than high definition, 4K TV quality really, really matters. If your TV is from a low-cost, little-known brand, your 4K picture will suffer accordingly. I’m not saying you should run and buy a new one. But….

3. How programming is seen
If the 4K broadcast is streaming, the internet service must be fast enough to provide the 4K image. (Netflix, for example, says internet speed should be at least 25 Mbps to stream a 4K program.) So if your internet service has issues, so will your 4K image. (And even if you have fast internet service, the inconsistent nature of streaming can trigger buffering or image dilution.)

4K picture on DIRECTV and other non-internet pay-TV services may also vary depending on the quality of your equipment and connection, and any technical issues that may affect delivery from your carrier.

4K Blu-ray discs also vary in quality, depending on how they were produced and manufactured.

4. If the 4K program is in HDR (High Dynamic Range)
HDR can add realism and detail to the 4K image. But most 4K programs are still not available with HDR. As you can imagine, this can be quite confusing for the average consumer wondering why their photo looked so good on one show, but not so good on another.

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5. Where you sit

Yes, where you are sitting. You have to sit closer to a 4K TV screen than a high definition screen to really appreciate the higher resolution of the picture. How far, you ask? It depends on the size of the set. But I’m sitting about 4 feet from my 55-inch 4K TV. If I step back just 2-3 feet, the detail in the image decreases.

6. The size of the set
Which brings me to my next point. The larger the screen, the better the 4K image. It’s not a myth. The extra detail of the 4K image can’t really be appreciated on a small screen.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy a 4K TV under 55 inches. And if you have the money for a set bigger than that, buy it. I still wish I had bought the 65-inch LG OLED, although I love my 75-inch Sony.

To sum up, Caroline, the 4K TV can be a wonderful addition to your living room or media room. But I wouldn’t be honest with you, and all of my readers, unless I said it takes work and research.

As The TV Answer Man, I will try to provide tips here on how to improve 4K TV picture along with other 4K tips.

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—Philippe Swann

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