7 of Houston’s coolest immersive installations

Houston has no shortage of art and fun. This winter is a great time to take your tour and see what the city has to offer. Whether you’re looking for full body immersion or an accent for a low-key picnic or sunset stroll, here are some of our favorite (and soon to be favorite) immersive experiences:

Twilight Epiphany, James Turrell Skyspace

Considered one of Houston’s most popular public art installations, James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany is permanently located at the Suzanne Deal Booth Centennial Pavilion on the Rice University campus. Want more of Turrell, be sure to stop by the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston to walk through their underground tunnels that connect every building on the museum grounds.

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Filled with life-size installations, Seismique is a museum experience like no other. Housed in a former Bed, Bath & Beyond retail store, it was brought to town by Josh Corley and Steve Kopelman, the brains behind one of the nation’s largest escape room companies. The 40,000 square foot space is packed with psychedelic and colorful rooms designed by 50 international artists.

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Dan Flavin

Like his modern art counterparts Turrell and Mark Rothko, American minimalist and fluorescent sculptor Dan Flavin has a permanent place in the city of Bayou. Designed two days before his untimely death in 1996 and updated by his studio, untitled, 1996 is one of Flavin’s iconic light tube sculptures in ultraviolet colors that wash the interior gallery. Located at Richmond Hall on the grounds of the Menil Collection.

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel in space? Well Houston, get ready for take off. The Infinite, a new virtual reality experience, arrives in Houston from Montreal on December 20. For 60 minutes, visitors can embark on a cinematic space excursion through a series of otherworldly installations.

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Houston Color Factory

What could be more fun than 20,000 square feet of practical facilities inspired by your favorite hues? Located in Upper Kirby, the Color Factory invites art lovers of all ages to experience the joy of color and features the works of nearly 20 artists and collaborators.

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Immersive Van Gogh exhibition and Frida: Immersive Dream

Revel the life and vision of iconic modern artist, Frida Kahlo in February 2022. Courtesy of the Brains Behind Transforming Venues to Create a Number of Successful Art Experiences, Lighthouse Immersive. If you don’t want to wait until February (which you absolutely shouldn’t), check out Lighthouse’s ultra-popular Immersive Van Gogh exhibit. Sunflowers have never been so vibrant.

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