Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win leaves fans perplexed with an ‘impossible’ question


Viewers tune in to watch Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly’s new high-stakes quiz Limitless Win scratching their hands at a question about Dutch painter Van Gogh

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Unlimited Victory: Ant and Dec fans baffled by ‘misleading’ question

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly made a spectacular return to ITV on Saturday night with an all-new game show – their first TV launch in over a decade.

Limitless Win offers entrants the chance to win an “endless” amount of money by answering a series of general knowledge questions and moving up the money ladder which offers cash prizes reaching well above. of the million pound mark.

The first duo to rise through the ranks were married couple Kathryn, 28, and Will, 28 – who had viewers on the edge of their seats as they played a £ 100,000 question with a single lifeline on their last question.

Ant and Dec were in great shape when they launched their ITV quiz show on Saturday night

The couple, who both work on the frontlines of the NHS, worked together to provide digital answers to questions posed by hosts Ant and Dec.

After understanding the new quiz format, fans took to Twitter to share their bewilderment at a particular question posed by the Geordie duo.

The question was: “Van Gogh‘s painting which sold for almost $ 40 million in 1987 is known as ‘Vase with …’ How many sunflowers? “

Candidates Will and Kathryn were determined to make a lot of money to make their RV dream come true



“These are pretty big sunflowers and I think you can see at least three of them,” thought midwife Kathryn.

The couple ultimately went with the original guess and lost a significant number of lives when the correct answer turned out to be 15.

As contestants Kathryn and Will winced at their plight, viewers at home were busy complaining about the “confusing” question on Twitter.

Viewers were baffled by the question



Twitter was inundated with fans weighing in on the quiz



“Hmmmm, looks like Van Gogh painted more than one vase with sunflowers then, because this one has 12 !!! As well as the one with 15!” Said one viewer, sharing photos of the different paintings. to reiterate their point of view.

“There is also a three! someone else responded.

“Van Gogh painted various sunflower paintings, one with 5, one 12 and one 15 – this was the 15 that sold for £ 40million in 2021… so they’re right,” said another, weighing .

“Tbh, it would be easier to understand the meaning of life than this show. Plus Google has Van Gogh’s vase painting with 12 sunflowers so ……” another joked.

But another thought the question was too easy.

“Ffs – Who doesn’t know that’s 15 fucking sunflowers in van Gogh’s vase,” they raged.

Will and Kathryn shared a hug after their success



With only one life left after the art question, Kathryn and Will have won an incredible £ 500,000 in ITV’s new game show.

For their final question, the couple correctly answered the question “Will July 2022 be how many years have passed since Jeff Bezos founded Amazon?” Because Kathryn was born in the same year – 1994 – which is 28 years since the tech giant was launched.

Ahead of their big win, Kathryn said, “In our job we face a lot of pressure, but hopefully under the studio lights we can stay pretty calm.

“Unlimited amount of money is crazy to understand.”

Ant and Dec raised their hands in joy as they celebrated with the couple



Will, an intensive care doctor, said he thought the show would be a “very different kind of stress” from their day-to-day work.

Kathryn agreed, adding, “I feel like with this one (Limitless Win) we have a little more time to think.”

After the couple cashed in their half-million-pound prize, they said they would invest the money to buy a house, as they had previously rented, and a motorhome for traveling.

Donnelly asked how they were feeling, to which Kathryn replied, “Amazing! It’s crazy. Think of our motorhome!

Will added: “There are going to be all the accessories!” Ant and Dec, who have hosted a series of prime-time shows including Saturday Night Takeaway and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here !, previously said they were concerned about their unlimited jackpot. new show.

McPartlin told the PA News Agency: “We were concerned about bankrupting ITV.”

Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win continue on ITV and ITV Hub

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