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Aracely Arámbula with “La Llorona”, organize the Halloween dinner | Instagram

Aracely Arámbula shared a series of stories in which she showed how much she loves to combine traditions, on this occasion she would celebrate Halloween “Halloween“So he prepared the picture with very thematic details

The “television actress“, Aracely Arámbula, shared a series of Instagram images and stories in which she shows how she celebrates Halloween night and the November 2, a date that dresses Mexico with folklore and tradition to celebrate those who have already left.

The Chulé“He set up a very original table with a great decoration in which he combined the two celebrities, undoubtedly the actress of Televisa, in”Dreamers“,” Las Vías del Amor “or” Hug me very strong “, among others, shares the great talent with his 5.8 million followers from his official Instagram account.

As the recording showed every detail of the decoration, a theme with the song of “La Llorona“, Interpreted by Ángela Aguilar, was listened to emotionally musicalize the set of stories.

Images captured in the actress’ video for “Why do men like taxis ***?” He boasted of a large table accompanied by dark objects, including cal @ ver @ s, skulls, silver chandeliers and candles held by a skeletal hand.

Like a dining room from beyond the grave, the diners at the table exhibited skeletons on the same chairs as the 46 years old celebrates, Aracely Arámbula Jacques, covered with cobwebs supposed to bring greater realism to its decoration.

Luxurious silver tableware would wait for mortal diners to enjoy the evening, even if the “chihuahua“He did not specify for whom he would have prepared the special evening.

Which is no doubt according to the same presenter of “Latino MasterChef“Aracely Arámbula is that these are dates where she always tries to bring out her funny side with original costumes.

As well as the inevitable characterizations of popular catrinas, these traditional characters who invade Mexico during these festivities, as well as the photos that several celebrities have shared via their social networks.

The protagonist of “La doña“or” La Patrona, “who currently lives in Los Angeles, is one of those who has repeatedly disguised herself or captured Mexican traditions on her face.

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