Art and nature collide in Texas with “Donald Moffett + Nature Cult + The McNay”

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the vision for an exhibit exploring the collision of art, environmental crisis, and human experience. Donald Moffett + Cult of Nature + The McNay weaves together paintings by Donald Moffett, works from the McNay Art Museum’s modern and contemporary collection, and materials drawn from the artist’s personal collection to create an immersive, sensory experience that is beautiful, unexpected, and disruptive by design.

Moffett defines nature worship as “a global, powerful and fictitious movement, which aims to protect the biological riches of our world through art and science”.

Presented in the galleries as a progression through the seasons of winter, fall, spring, and summer, visitors encounter the song of Hawaii’s now-extinct Kauaʻi ʻōʻō bird alongside works of art and objects with both personal and political significance.

“The selection and placement of artwork alongside books, memorabilia and artifacts throughout the installation is unlike anything the Museum has presented before,” said René Paul Barilleaux, chief of McNay’s conservation affairs.

Donald Moffett + Cult of Nature + The McNay is organized for the McNay Art Museum by René Paul Barilleaux, head of curatorial affairs, with Donald Moffett. Core funding is most generously provided by the Ewing Halsell Foundation. Main funding is provided by Stephanie & Tim Ingrassia and the Flora Crichton Visiting Artist Fund. Additional funding is provided by Marianne Boesky Gallery, Anthony Meier Fine Arts, Lora Reynolds Gallery and Chuck & Anne Parrish.

The exhibition is on view at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas through September 11, 2022. The McNay welcomes over 200,000 visitors a year to its indoor and outdoor museum experience showcasing the best in modern art and contemporary.

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