Aruba art fair returns after two-year hiatus

When it comes to events, Aruba is known for its carnival season, but another festivity is taking place for the first time in two years and recognizes the art.

The Aruba Art Fair is once again underway in the town of San Nicolas, whose streets have become the setting for three days of demonstrations of visual art and scenic art. A press release about the art fair lists nearly 200 artists and artisans participating in this year’s event.

2019 was the last time the Aruba Art Fair took place. The 2022 edition marks a break with the two-year break, which runs from November 4 to 6.

“We are thrilled to welcome the return of signature events such as the Aruba Art Fair for the first time in three years and are thrilled to welcome travelers back to this colorful festival,” said Ronella Croes, CEO from the Aruba Tourism Authority, in a press release. “The art fair is a beautiful celebration of Aruba’s vibrant artistic spirit and emphasizes that Aruba’s cultural offerings attract visitors.”

Art on display during the fair consists of 10 new murals in San Nicolas, bringing the total to 54. Participating artists who have contributed new public works include Fio Silvafrom Argentina, Chemistryfrom Kazakhstan, Lehofrom Taiwan, and Isidora Paz Lopezfrom Chile.

During the art fair, tours of these murals are conducted by Aruba Art Tours. One place to see them is at the San Nicolas boardwalk, in which this main spot serves as a major outdoor gallery.

The fair will also feature ”Nature & Facesa photography contest in which contributors captured the flora, fauna and people of Aruba in photos.

Just before the start of the fair, a Artistic fashion show The kick-off was given on November 2. The event, dubbed “ART Fashion”, focused on the theme of climate change. Eleven designers incorporated related subjects into their clothing. Among them, Alexandra Suarez from Luxury Flying Dress looked at the theme of a biodegradable dress while Robert Nestor of Off The Grid featured a fashionable design based on the themes of water and sea awareness.

Food is also part of this festival, with a number of food pop-ups taking place throughout the weekend.

The Aruba Art Fair marks an artistic development for Saint Nicolas, as this former hub for international workers from the long-closed oil refinery has become the cultural capital of Aruba. This resurgence is propelled by its burgeoning art movement, which has been pushed from the art fair inaugural year in 2016.

For more information, visit the Aruba Art Fair’s website. Updates are also posted on the event Facebook page.

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