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We are big fans of Brixton’s Café Van Gogh and were quite pleased to see how they responded to a guest who had posted a very critical review on TripAdvisor.

The one-star review complained that the vegan cafe didn’t have normal milk, so they were “forced” to have an oat milk cappuccino instead.

Steve Clarke, 47, who runs the non-profit cafe with chef and co-owner Bonita de Silva, responded enthusiastically to the post (which has now been deleted):

You have entered a fully vegan cafe. We don’t apologize for that, it’s a big part of our ethical stance.

“You would have been asked if you preferred oat milk or soy milk. You could have left then, but instead you allowed us to “force” you to drink a cappuccino that you didn’t like.

“For reasons unknown to us, you didn’t tell the staff anything at the time (we probably wouldn’t have charged you) but chose to register on TripAdvisor to relay the horrors of your experience to the world with your one-star review. (Which doesn’t say anything about our coffee, just your palate.)

“You put a big smile on all of our faces. We love a Keyboard Warrior, and we hope we didn’t hurt you when we forced this coffee down your copper neck.

Here’s a screenshot of the review:

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