Call Kurtis: Reimburse Confusion Over Van Gogh Exhibits With Almost Identical Names

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SACRAMENTO — Competing Van Gogh exhibits are confusing Sacramento. It turns out that there are two events with similar names, happening at the same time.

Kevin Rice of Elk Grove says he needed a refund for five tickets he purchased for Beyond Van Gogh the Immersive Experience. Originally set for December, the company moved the dates forward to November. But, he wrote, “Beyond Van Gogh Sacramento refused to honor my request for a full refund despite numerous email requests.”

We started looking at it and realized that Sacramento had two competing exhibits on Van Gogh’s immersive experience. One is in West Sacramento, now extended over the holidays. The other is at the Safe Credit Union Convention Center for the month of November.

Both feature artwork, but if you focus on the logos, you can see that one has the word “Beyond”, and the other does not.

We reached out to the companies behind both exhibits to see what’s different. The folks at Beyond say each immersive Van Gogh experience is slightly different and has some similarities as they use Vincent’s paintings to create a multimedia art experience. They call their exhibit an immersive world-touring experience, having been to 40 cities and seen by more than 4 million people.

The people behind West Sacramento also released a statement.

“Not to be confused: Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience is the definitive showcase of Vincent Van Gogh’s work in Northern California. So far, we’ve welcomed over 50,000 visitors to West Sacramento,” said John Zaller, Executive Producer of Exhibition Hub.

After we got involved, Beyond Van Gogh refunded Kevin his $231 and said that will be the case for others who can’t make it after the date change. Just send them an email through their website.

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