Social realism

the artist who wants to play West Indian cricket

Characteristics Carol Quash 8 hours ago Mikaela Jodhan with one of her portraits at the Lopinot Historial Complex. – Photo by Ayanna Kinsale The village of Lopinot is well known for its rich history, scenic spots and serene remoteness – the perfect environment for artist and sports enthusiast Mikaela Jodhan …

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Jacquil Constant: The power of Haitian collaboration

Jacquil Constant’s mission is to show positive images of Haiti as he directs the Haiti International Film Festival and seeks to present films from the Haitian diaspora. The virtual festival is scheduled for August 14-15, 2021. From left to right: director Raoul Peck & Jaquil Constant * As Haiti …

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Why I changed my mind about trans self-identification

“Hero of the Marriage Equality Debate” was the honor bestowed on my stepfather, Lord (Patrick) Jenkin, by PinkNews upon his death in 2016. As a family, we were nominated for the Stonewall Politician Award of the year. in 2013. We have always supported gay rights and equality. My husband, Bernard, …

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