Chang Chen from Taiwan speaks Mandarin in Dune with Timothee Chalamet

“Dune is an epic and revered sci-fi property, and fate reunited director Denis (Villeneuve) and me. I met him at the Cannes Film Festival when we were both on the jury, and we hit it off pretty well. I also loved his films like Arrival and Blade Runner 2049, and he left a great impression“Chang told CNA Lifestyle.

Joining the cast was also something unexpected for me. One day, I received an email from him inviting me to play a role in Dune, and I immediately accepted. It was an easy decision because I appreciated the opportunity to work with a director that I admire, and the subject interested me a lot.. “

Chang, become international prominence playing the Dark Cloud desert bandit in Lee ang Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, admitted that he had not read Frank Herbert’s revered novel before receiving the script.

“Corn when I finally did it, I fell in love with it because Dune is not just a science fiction novel, ”he said. “Because it deals with subjects such as philosophy, social ecology, literature, environmental conservation. It takes time to digest such a grand and rich science fiction novel, and I was deeply drawn to it.

So, was it Chang’s idea to have Dr. Yueh speak Mandarin in the movie?

“Part of it came from director Denis since he made sure that Paul (Timothée Chalamet), the main character, could speak several languages,” Chang explained.

“It follows that Dr. Yueh might be able to speak Mandarin, since he represented someone from Asia. Therefore, the two characters might be able to converse in simple Mandarin, and this also served as the foundation upon which Paul and Dr. Yueh built their relationship.

We have underlined that the Paul de Chalamet pronounces his verses perfectly in Mandarin in the film. Could Chang have been a useful tutor for the young actor?

“I can’t take credit for it,” he replied. “He is very good at languages ​​and he could pronounce Mandarin perfectly. “

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