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Interpreting something like light and shadow can take the artist in any direction.

There can be a literal translation or an emotional translation, detailing the emotions caused by the loss in a visual metaphor.

Charlotte Crome’s painting title ‘Isolation in Grief’ certainly falls into the latter camp and won the $500 top prize in the Platform Arts Hub Blayney competition, Youth Textures of One.

Described by the judges as “very well painted, difficult subject matter, deep concept”, the triptych of paintings represents an emotional moment for the Blayney High School 12th grader.

“It comes from a time in my life where I lost someone I loved,” she said.

“It was a really heartfelt concept for me and I was trying to encapsulate the idea of ​​grief and how it makes you feel.”

Inspired by the Vanitas art movement which incorporates the blending of symbolism with objects, each of the three panels represents a part of the grieving process.

“The candle symbolized a flame that was extinguished, a soul. The flower withered and symbolized the flowers placed on a grave and dying over time and the empty chair represents the empty space left after their departure”, he said. she stated. .

In the junior primary section, the winners were highly commended to Bay Wilson and first prize to Hannah Cook for her pastel work.

The junior secondary work was won by Matilda Miskell and the highly regarded Loretta Kervin Award went to Archie Davis.

The high school section saw Jennifer Fletcher receive an honorable mention for her superb work “Luminous”. The highly rated went to Tara Haynes for her artwork “Stella.”

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