Concord Rotary Club Awards Scholarships in a 4-Way Test, Speech Contest

CONCORD, NH — Three high school students won scholarships last week in the 2022 Concord Rotary Club 4-Way Test and Speech Contest.

The three winners were chosen from 10 students from Trinity Christian School, Bishop Brady High School and Merrimack Valley High School who entered the competition. The competition involved five to seven minute speeches based on the four-way test – including four specific themes applied in the speaker’s life or as part of a society to make an impact.

The four themes of the Rotary club competition were “Is this the truth? “Is this fair to everyone involved? “Will this build goodwill and better friendships?” And “Will this benefit everyone involved?”

Jacob Storman from Trinity Christian School placed first and won a $1,000 scholarship. He talked about his recent move to New Hampshire and how his social interaction has completely changed due to moving to the new state. He used the four themes to emphasize how powerful social interaction was for people, even if they didn’t realize it.

“And though it may sound cliché,” he said, “I truly believe that friendship is our most powerful force in our universe, in our world.”

Storman said multi-person interactions solve some of the world’s biggest problems. He said not socializing with others often turned out to be a negative part of the interaction process. The interactivity was powerful and beneficial for everyone, Storman said.

Listen to his speech here.

Morgan Wheeler of Bishop Brady High School placed second and won a $500 scholarship. She focused on education and how students who live in poverty and are marginalized can grow and succeed, and schools can help. Educating children about other people with success stories who were in similar situations – whether they were sports stars, scientists or immigrant-turned-millionaires, was just one way schools could improve the lives of their students. Realism was also needed.

“Students need to recognize that success is not easy, regardless of your economic background,” she said. “Success is hard work and can take a long time. But if you really want to succeed, you will overcome many obstacles like this.”

Listen to his speech here.

Zachary Babin came in third. He also attends Trinity Christian School. He easily admitted to procrastinating while writing the speech, but put it together on the fly, in about two days. Babin, who is of Ukrainian descent, said there is a lot going on in the world and he and others are watching. At the same time, not everyone knew how to comfort others, especially when they were feeling grief.

“There is a risk,” he said, of helping others. “They’re not losing anything to the plaintiff and they’re also getting something…so that’s fair.”

Listen to his speech here.

All three speakers competed in the district semi-finals on April 3. The district finals will take place at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon on April 30.

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