DFI announces the 2nd session of ‘Watching the Classics’

Doha: The second session of “Watching the Classics” will take place on May 12 and will feature the film 42nd Street, a film that ushered in a new era for American musicals, the Doha Film Institute (DFI) has announced.

“The online program is a platform where filmmakers and moviegoers can deepen their knowledge of film history. It is presented by renowned scholar Richard Peña, professor of film studies at Columbia University and director emeritus of the New York Film Festival. This series of lectures and discussions each focus on an undisputed global cinema classic,” explained DFI.

Said film is a 1933 English film directed by Lloyd Bacon.

During the lecture, selected images and clips will be included for discussion, and participants can send questions to Professor Peña, which will be answered at the end of each session.

In this ‘Watching the Classics’ expansion, participants will have the chance to explore a wide range of international cinematic landmarks, exploring this idea of ​​’classic storytelling’ in multiple contexts.

Topics to be explored each week include: the transition to sound cinema, the growing role of governments in film production, the impact of World War II, and the impact of notions of “realism” and “modernism” on filmmakers and the public.

During the monthly sessions, Professor Peña will present a given film in its aesthetic, economic, technological and social/political context, detailing the formal techniques of each director while drawing out the implications of these artistic and technical decisions.

To get the most out of the program, participants are recommended to preview the films before each session, and all are readily available through various popular streaming services.

After registration, participants in Qatar can request an appointment to view the film presented in our offices by sending an e-mail [email protected].

The registration fee for this session is QR 70. Meanwhile, the fee with the Qatar Museum Culture Pass discount which is 20% is QR 56.

The program is open to applicants over the age of 18, and to purchase a ticket online, one can visit the DFI website.

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