Dystopia, billionaires in space: Goodbye ’21


This made Kim Kardashian West a bunch of cash to go with her other heaps of cash. His shapewear brand Skims, which branched out into loungewear during the pandemic, is valued at $ 1.6 billion, according to the New York Times. It comes in a range of styles, colors, and sizes. Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon are among Spanx’s new investors. But hasn’t life lived largely at home taught us to embrace our bulges, bumps, and whatever else we try to hide in underwear? Can’t we all go back to our old lives feeling good about ourselves? Not to mention the idea that there are health risks in intensely compressing our organs for prolonged periods of time. Let it fly, people! Don’t let the old constraints of the fashion elite take over after all those months in cozy clothes and de-escalating underwire.


Will they be over before a lot of people figure out exactly what they are? Some naysayers are predicting it as fans feed the headlines and the little buggers sell millions. Non-fungible tokens are digital art or just about anything else in digital form. They are stored on blockchains (digital ledgers). NFTs are actually digital certificates of authenticity, like the declaration to the physical world that your original van Gogh is one of a kind. The rest of us will be heading to the non-digital gift shop for the poster or fridge magnet while the world finds out about the Metaverse. Offered: NFT from NFT’s Merriam-Webster Definition, with net proceeds going to the global nonprofit Teach for All. Alleluia.

Higher level

There’s a lot of leveling going on in a world where leveling and leveling already resides. And by higher level we are talking about the term player to move to the next level. The expression has become generalized in various contexts. The perfectly good and universally understood alternatives? How about moving forward, developing, improving, evolving, growing and improving. Can we just celebrate our successes at work, our improvements, our escalations, our impressive breakthroughs without reinvention for the sake of reinventing?

Hard seltzer

What Zima started with, White Claw ran. Now we have enough hard seltzer to go straight to the end of Days. Just about any flavor profile can be achieved in a bubbly, can-fortified concoction. There was a pickle flavored variety until the sale of two joint companies ran out. No problem. You still have your Bud Lites, your Pabst Blue Ribbons, your Topo Chico. You have your pineapple-lime, your honeydew and your apple-pear. You have your tequila-based grapefruit, your ultra organic and your watermelon pepper. Can we take a day of old-fashioned drinking, please?

Billionaires in space

The space boys club billionaires garnered a lot of attention in 2021 as the rest of us sailed our lives upside down here on Earth. There’s a lot to chew on as to the millions of dollars spent to make this happen, in a suborbital edge of space, floating in microgravity for a few minutes at most. And of course there are the colorless jokes. Those of size and importance. And there’s the big thinking about Elon Musk and why he’s not a member of the Card Carrying Club despite his founding from Space X. Richard Branson went to space aboard his Virgin Galactic rocket on July 11. . Branson defeated Jeff Bezos, who made his supersonic jaunt aboard his Blue Origin ship on July 20. Billionaire Jared Isaacman led the first fully private orbital mission that landed in September after three days in orbit thanks to Space X. Because commercial space travel is the future. The same is true of food insecurity, income insecurity, barriers to accessing health care and homelessness for people without a ticket. Aim higher.

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