Emily Mixon, Susan and Allen Pote offer the “Making Musical Magic” program

Almost a year after opening her performing arts studio, Emily Mixon is still actively working to bring magic to Pensacola through teaching artistic expression.

“It has been a great year,” said Mixon. “At this time last year I hadn’t even opened yet and I have over 100 students now. I continue to grow this business and the response has been amazing for sure. There was definitely a need. for people to have a way out, even amid COVID and everything that has happened. ”

Mixon Magic Performing Arts, located at 1010 N. 12th Ave., Suite 211 in Pensacola, aims to help children develop their talents through a wide variety of classes, such as dance, dance fitness, musical theater, theater and voice.

But it was his upcoming eight-week program, “Making Musical Magic,” that particularly excited Mixon.

“It’s not one of my normal classes that is offered,” Mixon said. “This is something different that may appeal to families in the community and to people who may not have the time or are not fully committed to the training of the year. nifty that we’re promoting for those eight weeks just to get a one-time deal. ”

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According to Mixon, Making Musical Magic is designed for students in grades four through eight with unaltered voices who have a passion for performance, with no hearing required. Students will work to improve their vocal skills and stage presence while gaining confidence and experience in the performing arts.

“The focus of this eight week program is music,” Mixon said. “And so is the movement. They’re not too young where it needs to be low-level, but they’re not too old, where it’s too late to build muscle memory to learn anything new.”

Allen Bro

Mixon has teamed up with former artistic directors of the Pensacola Children’s Chorus, Allen and Susan Pote, to make this happen.

“I used to work with them there and they retired and I moved, but we’ve always had an amazing working relationship,” Mixon said. “Our creative minds come together and we have a great passion for children, for education and education. The Potes will bring their combined experience in teaching, music, vocal training and composition to students of this age. impressionable.”

And when Mixon reconnected with the Potes earlier this summer, it was as if time had stood still.

Susan mate

“It kick-started collaborative efforts, and that was one of those things where it picked up where it left off,” Mixon said. “So that’s what gave me the idea that they are so influential and have such a big impact on the community when they were in the children’s choir, and Allen is a well-known composer in the world of sacred music. Seeing their impact come back to life so freshly for these new families and this new generation of students made me think that this would be something that could please my clientele as well as the whole community. community.”

Mixon’s new program will also be taught in the new 2,000 square foot space adjacent to his studio.

“I think the most exciting thing a year later is having some extra space in the building we’re in,” Mixon said. “I was able to open up some of my classes to a greater capacity than there would have been if I had only had my studio. That’s where a lot of the growth comes from and that’s where it comes from. is where we’re going to do some musical magic. ”

Registration for “Making Musical Magic” is now open and classes will be held from 4:30 pm to 5:45 pm every Wednesday from September 8 to October 26, with the final performance on November 3. For more information visit mixonmagic.com, E-mail [email protected] or dial 850-221-7438.

Medical cannabis supplier Kaya Life opens office in Pensacola

Earlier this year, Kaya Life, a supplier of cannabis specialists, opened their new office at 824 E. La Rua St. in Pensacola. To celebrate its grand opening, Kaya Life offered 50% discounts to transfer patients throughout August.

The rebates are in response to recent legislation that changes the way Florida regulates cannabis, according to Kaya Life physician Dr. Stephanie Johnson.

“As of this month, patients cannot renew their certification through telemedicine, making in-person visits essential,” Johnson said. “Our goal is to help our patients get the best care they need for the variety of conditions they face. We welcome newcomers and those looking to recertify.”

Visit thekayalife.com or call 850-213-1215 for details.

Kalyn Wolfe is a freelance columnist for the News Journal. Send new business tips to [email protected]

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