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West Goshen – One morning in the basement of West Chester Christian School, Randy Lee Boston was disciplined after seeing a boy stick his tongue out at his classmates before. The school said a silent prayer.

He then forced the boy to have oral sex and gave him a blowjob. The boy, now 20, testified in a preliminary hearing before Martin Van Gogh, a magistrate district judge in West Goshen.

“It was always a little unpleasant to think about it, but I wasn’t sure exactly what had happened,” the man said of the alleged assault as a former school teacher Boston private nun outside the autonomous region. .. A pastor from a church in Luzerne County was sitting a few yards away. “Until later.”

At the end of a short 25-minute trial, Van Gogh ordered Boston to uphold all charges and its proceedings were transferred to civil court for a trial in Westchester. He was charged with the misdemeanor of deviant sex against his will, vulgar assault, bribery of minors, endangering the welfare of children, imprisonment and related charges.

The alleged institutional sexual assault on students was withdrawn by Deputy District Attorney Christine Abatemarco because the legislation had not been enforced at the time of the estimated case in 2008.

The Boston of Sick Shinny, 63, appeared in a hearing wearing a plain white shirt and red tie, presumably with his wife, a female. He did not go to court and his lawyer, Westchester Evan Kelly, acquitted him on his behalf.

Boston is one of four current or former teachers at a Chester County school charged with caring for a student who was sexually assaulted in the past two months. The students’ ages range from young people (the students at the heart of the Boston allegations say they were in first grade when the incident happened) to teenagers.

“There is an unacceptable wave of sexually abused students in elementary, middle and secondary schools in Chester County,” the district said last week after the arrest of a teacher in the Oxford school district, who has been charged with sexual assault. said lawyer Debrian. Elementary school students from 2014 to 2016. “In our schools and where our children are located, it is imperative that we put in place safeguards to protect our children from predators.

Due to the nature of the allegations, a young man whose name was withheld by the Daily Local News comes to the attention of West Goshen Police after telling his mother what he said was about him happened when he was a student. paddy field. At Westchester Christian. But he also told Detective William Kadi during the investigation that he had told his friends over the years about what happened to him, investigators testified.

The victim said he arrived at school one day and was waiting to be taken to class with elementary students at the gymnasium. He had an argument with a young girl, he told a question from district attorney’s child abuse unit prosecutor, Abate Marco, and he stuck his tongue out at her.

He told her Boston must have seen him and ordered her to follow him into the basement room. There, he said the alleged assault had taken place.

“I was forced to do and receive oral sex,” he said in a flat, monotonous voice. He couldn’t remember what Boston had said about what had happened, but they were talking about a feud with the girl. Boston then took him back to class and made him apologize.

He said he couldn’t leave freely when he was alone in the room with Boston. Boston closed the door to the room behind them, and no other witness could recall seeing them enter the room together.

During cross-examination of a young man, Kelly avoided asking him more about what he called “inappropriate conduct”. Instead, he pressured himself on the details he remembered about the incident: Did he know Boston ahead of time? Was the room light on or off? Which teacher or parents were in the gym when Boston pulled him aside? In which room did the meeting take place?

The young man said he couldn’t remember most of the details Kelly asked of him except for an exchange.

“In that regard, was this case something that you forgot for a while? Kelly asked. “No,” the young man replied confidently.

He asked Boston to pray with him before the assault, but said it was a “personal” prayer rather than an oral session. Later, the two met “one-on-one”, but he could not remember what had happened during these sessions.

“Do you remember he spoke to you afterwards?” Kelly asked. – No, replied the young man.

Caddy testified that Boston and the youth confirmed to the principal that they were in school as teachers and students during the 2007-2008 school year when the youth was in first grade.

He also denied any sexual contact with boys when questioned about it prior to his arrest on a criminal charge against Boston, but reiterated his claims that he admitted boys, especially boys elementary school. paddy field. “Especially their ass,” the detective quoted his words.

There may not be any conclusive physical evidence for Boston, but the detective alleged he spoke to at least one friend of a young man who said he told him what happened. . It was inside. Although not at the same school, he was admitted after others told him that a similar incident had occurred.

He also said that male parents told him his son suffered from a variety of issues, including drug addiction, and fits the model of those who were abused as children. “Event of life,” Kadi said.

The proceedings against Boston, where the bail remains free, is now entrusted to a pleading judge and brought to justice. However, it can take several months for the issue to be resolved through plea, legal dismissal, or trial.

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