‘He’s holding back his demons’: Fans react to Jake Paul and Andrew Tate’s second showdown on Floyd Mayweather’s card

Even since pillorying Andrew Tate on social media forums with his brother Logan, Jake Paul has found himself in the Englishman’s crosshairs. The battle royale, geographically limited so far to exchanges from one side of the Atlantic to the other, stopped yesterday at the Coca-Cola Arena.


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Face to face, the jaw-dropping confrontation allowed the pet peeves to exchange a few words, which were mostly silenced in the rough house that the place had become.


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Andrew Tate, staring directly at Jake Paul, commented, “You want the smoke, don’t you, young man.” The problem child’s response has been“Yes I do.”

Fans joined the fray without wasting a minute and starting with the quintessential question.

MorpheussessWho wins?’

Shaken by the scene, Top G fans, banged up for six, rallied behind, fully convinced of his victory.

MugVoidTate trying to hold back his laughter while watching Jake act tough’

A pimp like vatoIt doesn’t even matter whether Jake or Andrew is a fan, you can tell Andrew is that man by the looks’

Moon 死it will be CRAZY

MKultraInstinctI hope Tate is true to himself and doesn’t sign Jakes’ ‘you gotta let me win’ contract.’

code blueTate wins hands down, Jake is humiliated. oooohhhh!!! I can not wait.

Max WentworthTate will win. The Tate reigns supreme.

lost linkAndrew doesn’t hold back his laughter, he holds back his demons, because he wanted to rip his head off’


MNKY D MolinaBro you could so much realism in the eyes of Andrew Tate’

The first round of the web war seems overwhelmed by Andrew Tate fans. So who takes over next? We’ll see in a while.

Andrew Tate and Jake Paul: Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses

The two modern day gladiators were in Dubai to see Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition match against Deji Olatunji.

Andrew Tate, prior to his internet blitz, was active as a kickboxer. Fighting in the Cruiserweight division, in 2009 he won the International Sports Kickboxing Championship in Great Britain. However, it must be pointed out that his subsequent journey on the Internet was not so illustrious. Tate is notorious for posting bizarre things and making outrageous claims on social media and in public.

Jake Paul’s journey, on the other hand, is much more public. At the height of his popularity, in 2018, he and his older brother Logan took on British YouTubers Olatunji brothers. While Logan lost, Jake defeated Deji by a technical knockout.

Since then, junior Paul’s boxing journey has climbed the ladder of success. The selection insinuations of his opponents drag on. His boxing record stands at six clear wins against zero losses. Four of his wins were knockouts.


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As far as allegations and counter-allegations go, his life outside of the ring mimics Tate’s.

If they face each other, the question of the winner is a delight for bettors. Pundits favor the American because he’s vastly improved for all intents and purposes. Despite his past as a kickboxer, Andrew has never been tested in a boxing ring.

In August, when Jake’s manager Nakisa Bidarian met Andrew Tate, rumors of an upcoming fight gathered momentum. But it remained a chimera despite Jacques-Pauleagerness in the project.


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The recent confrontation has given wings to the feasibility of a confrontation between the warring camps. However, the negotiating teams have a task at hand.

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