Horizon Forbidden West developer could work on online multiplayer game


As Horizon: Forbidden West nears release, new details suggest that Guerrilla Games’ next project could be a multiplayer game.

Horizon Forbidden West developer could work on online multiplayer game

The developers of Guerrilla games have been busy lately. Between works on Horizon: West prohibited and a recent update bringing 60 FPS to the PS5 version of Horizon: Zero Dawn, the game studio has worked on several projects involving robot-dino fighting hero Aloy. However, that doesn’t seem to prevent the developers from getting into another game. This time with a possible focus on multiplayer.

This news about a multiplayer game comes from a group of new job postings from Guerrilla Games. Among the announcements, the company is looking for a Senior Social Systems Designer. The main tasks described for this position relate directly to the multiplayer component of the potential game. According to the game studio, the ideal candidate should have “a passion for gaming communities and social features” as well as a desire to find new ways to bring players together in the game. possibility of creating “guild-type groups to explore together”.

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In addition to the position mentioned above, Guerrilla Games is looking for a Senior Games Writer. While it is not clear if this work is related to the same project, the job description states that applicants should have “extensive knowledge of storytelling and narrative design in open world RPG games, online games. and MMORPGs “. This suggests that the potential game could take place in a large world similar to that of Horizon games, and the project could be an MMORPG.

horizon forbidden west aloy evolution

The idea of ​​a multiplayer game developed by Guerrilla Games seems even more plausible given that this is a potential feature that the company has long launched. According to VGC, the developers had originally planned to add a multiplayer component to 2017 Horizon: Zero Dawn. However, as the game drew to a close, the idea was dropped in order to focus on other aspects of the game’s development. Additionally, Guerrilla Games worked on multiplayer projects before developing the game. Horizon Games. From the 2000s, the company worked on the Killzone games, a series of PlayStation games with a major focus on multiplayer.

While fans may have to wait a bit to find out more about this potential multiplayer adventure, the release date of Guerrilla Games’ main project, Horizon: West prohibited, is only in a few months. Scheduled for launch on February 18, 2022, fans recently got a better look at the improvements to the PS5 character model for Aloy. The developers have noted advances in character expression as well as improved realism on PS5 hardware.

It should be noted that many details regarding this potential multiplayer project from Guerrilla Games are still unknown and subject to change. Either way, it will be interesting to see which direction the company decides to go after the release of. Horizon: West prohibited Next year.

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Source: VGC, Guerrilla games

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