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[This story contains spoilers for Aquaman.]

Aquaman has already broken records in China, and reigns at the American box office. A sequel is in the early stages of discussion, and luckily for Warner Bros., there are plenty of sources for Aquaman sequels to be drawn from it, some of which are set up by the first film.

Jason Momoa recently said that he has already shared some ideas with director James Wan on where the next installment will go. And while the director hasn’t confirmed if he’s ready for a sequel, he has also said there is room for sequels. What’s appealing about Wan as a filmmaker is that he makes the most of every movie. It’s easy to imagine another iteration of Aquaman which would have focused solely on Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), or Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson), or even Atlanna (Nicole Kidman), but Wan’s film does all of this with great success. Whether it’s a roller coaster furious 7 (2015) or The Conjuring 2‘s (2016) focuses not only on the actual events of Enfield Poltergeist, but also on the derived foundations laid by the original concepts of The nun and Crooked man, Wan brings his films to the brim to give audiences the most of his cinematic experiences. With that in mind, we have a few ideas on where Aquaman could go in the hands of James Wan.

Black mantis

The most obvious path a sequel will take is to further define the animosity between Aquaman (Momoa) and his comic book nemesis Black Manta (Abdul-Mateen II). Although the villain played a supporting role for Orm / Ocean Master (Wilson), Aquaman spent a lot of time showcasing David Kane’s transformation into Black Manta. Manta’s origin has changed several times over the years, but this version is inspired by Geoff Johns’ interpretation of the character, established in Brightest day (2011) and New 52 (2011). In the comics, a young Arthur Curry accidentally killed Black Manta’s father after his own father was attacked. But the movie makes a smart change by asking Arthur not to save Manta’s father when he gets the chance. As Arthur tells Mera (Amber Heard) later in the movie, he made a choice and made an enemy. Arthur’s guilt and the fact that a decision changed the course of his life and those around him is a major consequence to be combated.

Just as its origin story has received many iterations, so have Manta’s goals. From wanting to punish Aquaman for not saving him as a boy, to wanting to create an Atlantean empire for downtrodden African Americans, Manta has always been motivated by hate, going so far as to kill Arthur and Mera’s son. . Recent iterations have seen him go beyond simply seeking revenge for his father’s death to join the Legion of Doom in an effort to obtain a relic that would give him the powers of Aquaman and place him in a hierarchy of ocean gods in Justice League: Drowned Earth (2018). Manta still has a plan and although Aquaman won the first round, the mid credits scene suggests that Manta will be ready next time around and maybe give audiences a taste of The Empire Strikes Back (1980) for the Aquaman sequel, with Arthur losing a hand. As important as it is to him to be ruthless, the sequel should also give us better insight into what makes Kane tick and use flashbacks to his youth. He’s a genius hacker who loves Depeche Mode and it’s definitely a headspace worth spending some time in. Hopefully the sequel gives it the right build up with a pulp title like Aquaman: The Wrath of Black Manta.

Stephen shin

AquamanThe mid-credits scene also suggested that when Black Manta returns, he will have an ally. Marine biologist Dr Stephen Shin (Randall Park) appears as a talking head in various media throughout the film, claiming to know of the existence of Atlantis – something the rest of humanity is not yet aware of. Shin is a newer character, introduced in John’s Aquaman series. He started out as an ally of young Arthur Curry and helped him perfect his developmental powers, but turned on Arthur and revealed it to the media when the boy denied him the location of Atlantis. When Black Manta searches for him years later to help him gain access to King Atlan’s tomb and the artifacts it contains, a remorseful Shin refuses him, unwilling to betray Aquaman again. The film version of Shin doesn’t appear to have a history with Arthur and seems willing to work with Manta in order to gain access to Atlantis. While Shin is unlikely to be a full-fledged antagonist, he could point to the selfish nature of man and the fears of the surface world. His plans to exploit Atlantis would likely reveal the lost continent to the rest of the world and force Aquaman to act not only as a hero, but also as a diplomat.

Orm / Master of the Oceans

Another of Aquaman’s most frequently appearing enemies, Orm has always been Aquaman’s half-brother, but his parentage and physiology have changed over the decades. Originally entirely human and jealous of his brother’s powers, Orm sought to control the throne and used technology to create natural disasters. The version we see in the movie is, again, directly tied to Johns’ take on the character. Fortunately, the movie doesn’t kill Orm, but instead has him defeated and removed from his throne. Ocean Master, like Magneto and Loki, seems destined to be one of those characters whose presence is always felt, in order to contrast with Aquaman. The sequel would do well to keep Orm imprisoned for most of the duration of the film and let him chat with Arthur about their different views behind the walls. It would be appropriate after these discussions that Arthur and Orm start to get closer, only for Orm to escape and settle down. Throne of Atlantis for the third film. Throne of Atlantis (2012) is the culmination of Johns’ run and sees Aquaman fighting alongside the Justice League when Orm finally brings war to the surface, drowning towns and leading an army of loyalists against the military forces of Earth. . It’s the kind of story that feels like it’s destined to be a trilogy, and maybe if we’re lucky we’ll see Wan get his hands on the Justice League and make the movie a real event.


Of course, the Acolytes aren’t exactly considered mainstream anymore, and the DC Movie Universe has so far done nothing to set up their introduction except for brief mentions of a dead Robin in Batman vs. Superman (2016) and Suicide Squad (2016). But a lot of what makes the DC Universe so appealing is the emphasis on the legacy characters. From Robin’s transition to Nightwing and Wonder Girl’s transformation to Troia, DC Comics showcased some of the best sidekick shards. Among these is the transformation of Aqualad into Tempest. There have been a few Aqualads, the first being Garth and the second being Jackson Hyde, the son of Black Manta. It’s too early for Hyde to make an appearance, but Garth appears to be a serious contender to add new dynamics to the sequel. He doesn’t have to be a 12-year-old boy or even call himself Aqualad outside of a wacky reference. Instead, this portrayal of Garth could borrow from recent comics where he is an Atlantean wizard in his early twenties. Garth / Tempest would be the perfect way to focus on Atlantean magic, which we’ll come back to. In the comics, Garth was an outcast because of his purple eyes, a mark of the mystical Atlantean tribe in exile, the Idyllists. The appearance of a young man with purple eyes could give Aquaman a secondary conflict to deal with in the film, as the superstitious and archaic nature of the Atlanteans is put to the test by a decidedly modern king.

Atlantean History

If there was one thing Aquaman could have used more was a greater sense of Atlantis in its heyday. We had a brief glimpse into Atlan’s Rule before Atlantis sank, but there has been a lot in the past for Aquaman suites to mine too. Peter David and Esteban Maroto The Chronicles of Atlantis tells the whole story of Atlantis, a story based on siblings in conflict. The seven-issue maxi-series is one of DC’s best publications and if not used in Aquaman sequels, this could easily be the basis of a DC Universe show that works in a way similar to Syfy’s. Krypton. Even though we don’t see many flashbacks in the Aquaman Following, the Atlantean story should once again lead the movement of the plot. One of the main factors contributing to AquamanThe unique feel and tone of ‘s was the focus on the quest storyline. While the sequel should certainly offer more than just finding another McGuffin, it would still be welcome to see Aquaman and Mera travel the world’s oceans, possibly the Arctic, in search of another artifact. atlante who could change the future. Much of modern Atlantis we see in the movie is based on science, but magic is also a key part of the comic book myth. Looking for something to do with the Atlantean wizard Arion that would reintroduce magic to Atlantis to combat the technologically savvy Black Manta would be a good opportunity to expand this world. It could also be a way to bond with Wonder Woman, whose Amazonian sisters shared both a pantheon of gods and many secrets with the Atlanteans before their shipwreck.

Of all the worlds DC currently has at its disposal, Aquaman’s is perhaps the most exciting. Not only is this a breath of fresh air from the cityscapes and space travel of other superhero movies, but it’s an area audiences are completely unfamiliar with. There’s a lot of waiting right under the sea, and for longtime fans of the character and those new to Aquaman, Wan’s film promises an exciting future not only in terms of the franchise, but for the film universe as well. DC as a whole. Long live the king.

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