Immersive experience open until June 25 in Augusta

Residents of the Augusta area can now view Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces through an experiential and modern platform.

Beyond Van Gogh: the Immersive Experience is on view at James Brown Arena in downtown Augusta through June 25. The exhibition uses high-tech projectors to create huge multi-dimensional images of Van Gogh’s works on the walls and floors with the animated artwork. – shimmering swirls dance in “Starry Night” and petals fly through space in “Almond Blossom.”

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Art historian Fanny Curtat explained that while Van Gogh is remembered by many for the most depressing moments of his life, looking at his art tells a whole different story.

Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience awaits visitors during a media preview day on Monday, May 23, 2022. The exhibition allows visitors to enter screenings of Vincent Van Gogh's works and learn from them more about the artist through music and story.

“It’s filled with color, it’s filled with joy, it’s the cures he found for the demons in his life,” Curtat said during a media preview day on Monday. “In a time of crisis upon crisis upon crisis like the one we have been going through recently, to have someone who is known to have struggled in their life and who has been able to transcend all darkness into works of life, joy and beauty, there’s always something very inspiring about it.”

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Guests begin their experience in the introductory room, with biographical information panels and explanations of key elements of the artist’s work. Then they enter the “Waterfall Room”, which loops through 35 minutes of artwork on a loop. Guests can relax on ottomans and benches, simply enjoying the lights and colors for as long as they wish. It ends with a gift shop offering all sorts of Van Gogh-inspired merchandise.

Tickets for the Augusta stop are available online at with entry times from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Guests will need to book a check-in time, but can stay as long as they wish. The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Admission prices start at $21.99 for children and $36.99 for adults 4 and under admitted free. Premium Flex tickets, which allow entry up to two hours before or after the allotted time, VIP and group ticket options are also available. Final entry is one hour before closing.

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