Is NBA 2K22 Worth It? NBA 2K22 PS5 review

NBA 2K22 is finally out, and many of us have been waiting for this game since last year. Be the first NBA 2K title to be specially designed for next generation consoles, playing on PS5 and Xbox Series X is very special. But is it really worth the extra pennies you’ll spend? We examine how NBA 2K22 brings the brand into our NBA 2K22 review.

Our NBA 2K22 The review is based on the PS5 version of the game. Therefore, we will also cover the next generation features of NBA 2K22.

What is NBA 2K22?

At this point, few people who love games would be oblivious to what NBA 2K22 is. But in case you need a reminder, NBA 2K22 is the latest entry in 2K Games’ NBA 2K franchise. This is a basketball sports simulation game with players from the NBA, WNBA and G-Leagues. It uses high-tech methods to make the players of the game as precise and realistic as possible. Aside from playing on the field, NBA 2K22 also allows players to experience a fantasy world in MyCAREER, where players can experience what it’s like to play in the NBA, with branded offers, workouts and contract negotiations.


Let’s start our NBA 2K22 review with the gameplay. There’s actually a lot to cover, especially with so many game modes available in NBA 2K22. However, what fans should know so soon is that NBA 2K22 plays and feels familiar, with a little extra flair and nuanced changes in the way things work that keep the game fresh. In short, if you like to play NBA 2K all these years, then you probably won’t find fault with this one either. The game is polished – all of the gameplay we have experienced has had no bugs or issues other than a handful of visual bugs that sometimes break the immersion. We managed to finish a lot of matches without any problems.

Field gameplay

As mentioned above, NBA 2K22 plays and feels familiar. All the changes implemented by Visual Concepts get bogged down in how simulations work. Defense and offense are the same, with almost the same key mappings as before – perfect for returning players. But there are some notable changes that you may have to get used to. The timing of the shots is slightly altered, so players will need to play by ear for their first matches.

Defense also feels a lot heavier now, thanks to the haptic feedback from the DualSense. Rolling back opponents and posting results will kick back any buttons you press or hold. Sometimes your controller will even tighten the shoulder buttons without your intervention when switching to a player defending a more intimidating opponent. These new changes are helping to make NBA 2K22 feel like a new game, perfect for welcoming the next generation of consoles. However, it still doesn’t use these next-gen features in the same way. Astro’s playroom Where Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Game modes

NBA 2K22 offers a variety of game modes for the enjoyment of gamers. Feedback from previous entries are MyNBA, MyWNBA, MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and a variety of other minor game modes, including pickup games and exhibition matches. Most hardcore gamers will spend their time with one of the three main game modes. Those who play on several generations of consoles have the advantage of having their MyTEAM progress synchronized between the consoles of the same family.

MyCAREER is back, and for next-gen consoles, the entirety of MyCAREER takes place in New The City. The city, which serves as a hub for various activities for your MyPLAYER, almost feels transformed NBA 2K22 in an open-world MMO, with quests and NPCs. You see other players walking around and playing hoops together, and jumping in and out of pickup games is seamless. There’s even a quick button you can press to get to your apartment quickly. Fast travel in NBA 2K? Who would have thought? However, The City makes MyCAREER feel bloated. If you just want to live a straightforward Championship Draft story, you can’t do it here. You’ll have to go through everything an NBA player would likely go through: brands, branding, contracts, and even the walk from your apartment to the training center.

Meanwhile, MyTEAM is back and will be giving players the same fun experience they had in previous entries with the collectible cards and the opening of the booster pack. Collecting cards is nice with the ability to check your collection at any time, seeing all the cards you’ve collected and the ones you haven’t earned yet.

As for MyNBA and MyWNBA, the game offers even more in-depth customization options, as well as larger spreadsheets for those who want them. There are more things behind that you can handle to make sure your organization can successfully challenge for a ring. In terms of management, you can choose how involved you want to be. You can micromanage everything or simulate everything. But if you end up getting your hands dirty, you’d be happy to know that there are a lot of things you can consider in building an NBA dynasty from scratch.


NBA 2K22 offers even more customization options for players. Not only for your MyPLAYER, for the very first time, MyTEAM allows even more personalization for your crew. In addition to choosing your team’s logo and field, you can now choose any jerseys you purchase and set them as your team’s uniform.

As for your MyPLAYER, the in-game facial recognition system is back, although we haven’t had the chance to test it. The game customization for your character is deep enough to make The Sims games blush.


NBA 2K22 MyCAREER features the story of a social media avid baseball player who has just arrived in town. Upon arriving, you are quickly asked to make an important decision for your career: are you going to college, playing in the G-League, or going straight to the NBA Draft? Depending on your answer, your trip will turn out differently. But all roads lead to the NBA League, it just takes different forms depending on your decision. In our playthrough for this NBA 2K22 exam, we chose to play college first. We believed that having additional experience in college would help us increase our stats and attributes without spending a dime on VC microtransactions. It takes a while before you make your NBA debut, but a longer trip to the NBA made the whole trip rewarding.

There is not much to say about NBA 2K22the story mode except that it largely met expectations. Those expectations weren’t high anyway, but there is no reason to be disappointed with how 2K Sports and Visual Concepts has gone with this year’s MyCAREER. It just feels like it’s bogged down and bloated by the way The City is implemented, so it really depends on your taste and appetite for those extra things added to the base experience.


As always, 2K Sports and Visual Concepts hit the nail on the head in terms of presentation. The game looks like an authentic replica of NBA lineup, right down to the sponsors. Of course, you get the eternal State Farm Assist of the Game every third quarter, as well as the AT&T 5G dunk reruns. Each game is unique with the addition of local public announcers, a combination of old and newly recorded voice lines by the announcers, as well as various combinations of camera cuts. However, when playing in resolution mode, we noticed frame rate drops as the game went into these cutoffs, but they were never persistent.

In terms of realism, NBA 2K22 offers the most realistic character models yet. However, the interviews still fall under the Curve of the Weird Valley, making players look like robots covering their skin in rubber latex. There are a few successful interviews – like Lebron James’ between quarters – but most players still have weird lip-syncing issues, and god, those soulless eyes.

The crowd, as realistic as it is, always feels so synthetic, as it always comes alive in a loop of pre-rendered movements. It doesn’t really matter, mind you, but you still wouldn’t see people in the crowd walking down the aisle, changing seats, or anything else we’ve never seen before. The crowd feels the same as last year.

Music and sound design

In terms of sound design, everything rings true. All our time playing the game for it NBA 2K22 review, we did not encounter any bugs in the sound department. We did not hear any malicious sounds playing out of place. This year’s review is solid and helps sell the games you play. In our playthrough, we also didn’t hear any comment that seemed out of place.

When it comes to music selection, it really comes down to taste. Fortunately, the jukebox still has a large collection of varied music this year for players to choose from and create their own playlists.


The game doesn’t offer a lot of accessibility options for disabled or color blind players other than changing the colors of the shot indicator. However, there are many different settings that indirectly help to make the game more accessible. This involves sliders for motion blur, different camera angles (as is usually the case in NBA 2K games), different levels of HUD information, as well as field hints such as paint-based countdown timers.

In terms of accessibility difficulty, NBA 2K the headlines have always covered it. From probability sliders that affect the simulation to base difficulty options, players can customize the difficulty of the game however they see fit. Want it super easy? Go ahead, move those sliders. Want a tougher challenge? Go to the Hall of Fame. This game has something for everyone, and you won’t be ashamed of playing on lower difficulties.

Verdict – East NBA 2K22 worth your time and money?

The time we spent playing NBA 2K22 was filled with fun moments, especially since we’re big fans of the league anyway. We’re happy to see how this year’s entry unfolded, as there is a lot of new content and changes, especially for the next-gen versions of the game. The decision for fans now comes down to whether these Next-gen features are worth the extra cost or not, as the new-gen versions cost slightly more than the current-gen. We think the next-gen versions are worth the extra $ 10 or so.

Sure, NBA 2K22 will greatly appeal to those who are fans of the sport. For those who have no idea what the NBA is or don’t like basketball at all, this can be a tough pass. But even then, we think those who learn this game, even those who have no idea what basketball is, will appreciate the kind of technical marvel. NBA 2K22 for the PS5 turned out to be.

Rating: 9/10

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