It’s this artist’s favorite moth. (And probably his favorite month too)

Joanna Turner created this CBC Arts logo using a variety of mediums: Indian ink, gouache and digital tools. (Joanna Turner)

Each month we feature a new version of the CBC Arts logo created by a Canadian artist. Discover our previous logos!

Flowers for spring? You bet. But here’s a twist: did you know that moths are a sign of the season? They are for Joanna Turnera Winnipeg-based designer who helped design this month’s logo, and she told us a bit more about it when we reached out to her via email.

Model by Joanna Turner. (Joanna Turner)

Name: Joanna Turner

Age: 40

Residence : Winnipeg

Let’s talk about your logo! What is the concept behind the design?

The butterfly of white flowers! This endangered species can be seen again in May/June in the Spirit Dunes, a site of cultural and ecological significance in the Manitoba wilderness. They are a beautiful white butterfly which signifies spring.

Fun Fact: Did you know that a group of moths is called a universe? ! I’ve been obsessed with this idea since learning about it last summer.

What is the project you are most proud of?

Probably my portrait collaboration with the kitchen league in Brooklyn, NY The project intertwined my interests in the role of food as a builder of cross-cultural relationships and the role of women in preserving cultural traditions through cooking and storytelling.

Portrait for League of Kitchens by Joanna Turner. (Joanna Turner)

Something new you can tell us about? What are you working on these days?

I am in the process of licensing my art for a collection with an Australian fabric company. It’s an explosively colorful piece with large, globular flowers and lots of movement. I can’t wait to have some and make a sundress for the summer. I will wear my own art. (Hope that’s not awkward.) Isn’t that cool? !

I also do a lot of portraits of remarkable women, and a lot of photos of fresh herbs in little pots. Oh! And I draw a lot of vintage cars from the 1970s and 1980s with my four-year-old son.

Where is your favorite place to see art?

I should say Qaumajuqthe new gallery building at Winnipeg Art Gallery. Qaumajuq means “it is light, it is enlightened” in Inuktitut. It’s such an incredible space, not to mention the largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world.

Who is the last artist you discovered online?

I discover new artists daily, and I love this community! Nelly Edwards, Sharon Nullmeyer and Rebecca Bradley are some of my favorites right now.

Artwork by Joanna Turner. (Joanna Turner)

What work of art would you like to own?

An original Wendy MacNaughton. Strawberry thief by William Morris for the wallpaper. nightjars by Edward Hopper.

Where can we see more of you?

My wallet and my instagram (which is updated almost daily).

This conversation has been edited and condensed.

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