LEGO announces Vincent van Gogh

If you’re broke and can’t afford a painting created by Vincent Van Gogh (how downgraded of you), LEGO has the next best thing. The legendary toy makers have announced plans to partner with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York to bring LEGO fans an experience like never before. Now, with a little elbow grease and patience – with $169.99 – you can wow your friends and family with the LEGO version of van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’.

Originally painted in 1889, the celebrated artist gazed out of his window at the monastery asylum of Saint-Paul de Mausole in Saint-Rémy, France, to create his visually stunning masterpiece. He was in the asylum after checking in following the infamous self-ablation of his left ear. While there, van Gogh gazed and dreamed into the night sky outside his window, subsequently creating this incredible post-Impressionist work. Since its debut at MoMA in 1935, it’s been a must-stop for visitors exploring the halls and hallways of the museum. The dramatic scene can be spotted on postcards, stamps and even in its own room at the Van Gogh exhibition, which offers visitors an immersive visual experience surrounding the masterful artist’s creations. With all these presentations of the fan-favorite piece, it’s no surprise that LEGO chose to create their own version.


The original idea came from a Hong Kong-based LEGO enthusiast and PhD student named Truman Cheng, who submitted his brilliant idea via the LEGO Ideas Platform. The attention to detail is what really impresses with the new construction. A three-dimensional burst of color takes center stage, forming a large version of the painting itself. Yellows, oranges and blues swirl as stars illuminate the city below. A small platform protrudes from the lower right side of the room on which a tiny LEGO van Gogh, with fiery red hair, a beard and a scowl, is diligently working on a small version of “The Starry Night”, giving you not one, but two sizes of the timeless classic to hang on the wall or display standing.

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Want to get your hands on this van Gogh LEGO set? If you’re a LEGO VIP or MoMA member, the room will be open to you on May 25 here. You do not hold any of these prestigious titles? You’ll have to wait an extra week to nab the set when it hits the global market on June 1, which you can do here. Set your alarm to collect your own buildable version of van Gogh’s iconic masterpiece and welcome the post-Impressionist painter and his work into your home.


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