Local psychotherapist hopes to end stigma around therapy and mental health care

Pandemic Has Revealed Prevalence Of Mental Health Problems, Soul Compass Owner Says

Look around and you will see mental health issues, addictions and trauma so prevalent that this public health crisis cannot be ignored any longer.

The added pressures and stresses of the pandemic, job losses, global unrest, racism and uncertainty about the future are having a direct impact on all of us. And then there are the additional pressures created by social media.

Tiffany Caicco is a Certified Masters-level Psychotherapist and owner of The Soul Compass who believes it’s time to end the stigma surrounding therapy that suggests there must be something really wrong with you. “As humans, it’s normal that we go through times when we are overwhelmed or have a little difficulty. After all, we’re just humans, ”Tiffany said.

“I see more anxiety in young children and adolescents, insomnia in all age groups and an increase in calls related to the physical and mental impact of chronic stress like headaches, digestive problems. and chronic pain, ”she added.

“Maybe you should talk to someone,” suggests Tiffany. Talk therapy can be a way to help people maintain their well-being.

Tiffany is an evidence-based practitioner who uses proven techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). His specialty includes art therapy, play therapy, movement and meditation, including breathing and mindfulness techniques.

Her child clients love the sandbox therapy, art and puppetry. “These creative tools give them the opportunity to share their experiences in ways that talk therapy could never achieve,” Tiffany said.

Tiffany also uses music as therapy. She encourages her clients to bring their instrument; however, in his studio you will find drums, guitars, ukuleles, chimes, singing bows and drumsticks. “I once had a client who attended eight sessions before asking if he could try the guitar. We did a song together about their experience.

Music and art add a whole new dimension to the therapeutic offer.

In addition to being a Registered Psychotherapist, Tiffany is also a Professional Art Therapist and strives to become a Certified Play Therapist.

“Having these additional credentials provided me with the expertise to use creative modalities effectively and securely with my clients,” she said. “I like working with all age groups; However, with the expertise of art and play, I am able to provide incredibly effective therapeutic treatment for children and adolescents.

Her adult clients love the way she integrates artistic psychotherapy, mindfulness, movement and cognitive behavioral therapies. “I don’t use all of this all the time, but it’s nice to have an arsenal of techniques to offer,” Tiffany said.

Chronic pain is a common problem where she uses gentle movement techniques, meditation, and cognitive reframing to help clients manage pain. Sometimes she will incorporate art therapy to help adults connect with different parts of themselves. “For example, chronic pain sometimes indicates a deeper problem. Art therapy is a great tool for exploring deep rooted issues, ”Tiffany explained.

Tiffany offers individual and group sessions in her studio at 616 Queen St East. Currently, it offers two unique groups.

BETH (Be Empowered Trauma Healing) is an artistic / expressive arts psychotherapy group aimed at empowering women who have experienced trauma, loss or grief.

STAR (Share Together and Remember) is an expressive arts-based, developmentally appropriate program for children who have experienced loss, grief and trauma.


For more information on these groups or the offers provided by The Soul Compass, please send an email to: [email protected]

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