Luton boss has message for Hatters fans who think Town ‘should’ beat Championship sides

Hatters boss Nathan Jones had a message for Luton fans who expect their side to come out and win games in the Championship following this afternoon’s 2-0 win over Blackburn Rovers.

Goals from Carlton Morris, his sixth in an increasingly prolific season, and defender Reece Burke’s marvelous 25-yard curler earned Town their first victory in front of their own fans this season.

It was enough to see Luton climb to 11th in the table as they are now just two points away from the play-off places they achieved last season.

Hatter boss Nathan Jones applauds Luton fans this afternoon

According to Jones, the fact that they are in such a good position for the second consecutive season is not something the fans should just bet on, especially against a team like Blackburn, who entered the contest third in the table. , after beating Watford recently relegated the Premier League side in midweek.

Speaking at his post-match press conference, the City boss said: “It was a wonderful and necessary performance because, I don’t read social media, but sometimes people show me pictures. stuff and people say ‘we should do stuff, we should do stuff’ so I have a message for our fans.

“There’s a lot of Championship teams that have been in the Championship who ‘should’ beat teams, and their fans keep saying, ‘we should beat teams’, and they don’t and they are still in the league.

“We are not a team that ‘should’ beat teams.

“What we are is a team that takes care of our business with humility, we work hard, we have an honest group, we have a wonderful way of doing things.

“We have a fantastic environment and sometimes it’s difficult because league games are very difficult to win, as you found out the first year we were there.

“Now we can say ‘we should be, should be, should be’ but these are the type of performances we put on and the crowd should be behind it because there is no God given right to win a football match.

“We are a relatively new team at this level at the minute and, with the utmost respect, we don’t have the resources that those teams who ‘should’ be winning games

“But we keep doing it and I’m really proud of the team, so support the team because they (the fans) were wonderful today, but when they’re worried it affects people.

“Like we have a wonderful group here with a wonderful way of doing things and I want them to support that, because we shouldn’t beat teams, we do, but there’s no right given by God to do it.”

After nine opening games which saw Luton record just two wins, Jones had also heard some rumblings from fans worried about the campaign ahead as they believed Town were going to struggle near the foot of the table.

To fully understand, he continued: “I’m really proud of the team and the way they went about it, because they had to show a bit of determination, because some people clung to them. .

“I heard someone say, ‘it’s going to be a long season boys’, the fans, honestly, it’s mental, it’s absolutely crazy, because we have to realize who we are.

“We’re a wonderful team doing things wonderfully and I’m really proud of the group, the way they’re responding, the way they’re doing.

“Because we are, sometimes we fight through thick and thin, but we keep doing it.”

Jones praised those inside Kenilworth Road who saw Town finally put their home problem to rest by recording their first victory at the seventh attempt this season.

He added: “They’re a former Premier League side, they won the Premier League, and that’s what we’re up against.

“There is no God given right and I repeat to our fans, there is no God given right to win a game, ‘we should be’, why should we be ?

“Because we have a recent history, we have a real and forceful recent past in terms of the recent past, which does not give us the right to win games.

“We still have to work hard, we still have to do everything because there are a lot of good teams in this division, and it’s a tough division.

We have to keep going, again, the fans were brilliant today, but hey, let’s have an element of realism too.

“We have to keep working hard, keep supporting the team as it showed today.

“Like when they do that, it’s a wonderful place to play football, a wonderful place to be that place.”

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