Mexican child prodigy causes SENSATION at Miami Art Week by painting LIVE Picasso-style image: VIDEO – CVBJ

Andrés Valence He is only 10 years old, but he is already considered a child prodigy of painting, and this Saturday he again demonstrated his skills by painting a live painting with a well-known Caribbean artist called Bradley Theodore at the fair Miami Art and surrounded by people eager to meet him and capture him on video.

The child is of origin Mexican and residing at San Diego, California, and his painting style is reminiscent of the Cubist art movement created by Pablo Picasso.

The agglomeration of journalists and the public around the gallery space Contemporary Chase, where Andrés Valencia exhibited his works, all sold before the close of Miami Art, forced to put a security cordon, details the agency ..

In his presentation, the The boy traced one of their characteristic faces in charcoal Cubists then blurred the lines with a gloved finger. In a minute, the canvas placed at Andrés’ height was no longer blank.

Later, live video shows how artist Bradley Theodore filled the various fragments that made up the face Andrés drew with brightly colored acrylic paint.

He must have done it sitting down, as he is a tall man and the picture was up to the 10 year old boy, who speaks perfect Spanish.

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The child prodigy at art week

Andrés Valencia became the sensation of Art Miami and in general of the Miami Art Week.

Celebrities such as the Colombian actress paraded in the Chase Contemporary space Sofia vergara, this bought one of Andrés’s paintings, which priced from $ 5,000 to $ 25,000, and actor Channing tatum, in addition to plastic artists.

Nick korniloff, executive director of Miami ArtHe told the aforementioned agency that when he organized this year’s fair and the Chase Contemporary gallery nominated Andrés Valencia, he did not hesitate to accept him as an artist.

“When I saw the photographs and the videos I was totally shocked, it couldn’t be true that these photos were of a child of such a young age,” he said.

Korniloff used words like “extraordinary”, “prodigy” and “unique” to refer to Mexican child art living in California and when asked what Andrés looked like, he replied: “He’s a normal child, a beautiful child, with a great personality and creativity.”

Watch the presentation of the boy who caused a sensation at the Miami Art Fair:

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