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Morningside School in the Delano Union School District unveiled a mural by Filipino union leader Larry Itliong at the campus library on Monday morning.

The timing was even more special for school librarian Patty Itliong Serda, who helped promote this honor and was present at the event on October 25, now officially Larry Itliong Day thanks to California Attorney General Rob Bonta , who was also present. .

The students actively walked in front of the very colorful and luminous fresco without realizing its significance.

“For us to be able to tell our story, it has to become art,” said artist Eliseo Art Silva, who created the mural. “Larry Itliong is the first American Filipino to take a seat at the table. Its history is important and encouraged the Filipinos.

He said students at various schools provided actual portions of the mural after the district held a “national painting day” in honor of Itliong.

“The design was inspired by children’s artwork,” said Silva.

Morningside manager Ricardo Chavez said Itliong had made things safer for all workers on the ground, including his own father. “The movement has helped our whole family,” Chavez said. “It is not an easy job and it is not appreciated enough.

“We wouldn’t have a community in Delano without the farm workers,” he added.

Superintendent Rosalina Rivera said Itliong had “a deep belief in justice. Dedicating this library is a special day for all of us.

District administrator Susann Villaruz said the two days had been long, including the inauguration on Sunday of a resource center in Poplar named Itliong.

“Today means so much to all of us here,” Villaruz said. “We have met quite a few people who want to make a pilgrimage to Delano to learn about the labor movement and Larry Itliong. “

One of the highlights of the event was a moving interpretation of “The Starry Banner” by Koumba Diallo, 11, president of the student body. It was also Diallo’s birthday.

Attorney General Bonta said: “We started yesterday in Poplar and culminate today with the unveiling of the mural. All those who were silent now have a voice. I grew up in La Paz with my family. My father worked for Cesar Chavez in the office and my mother worked with the children. The UFW (United Farm Workers) has become a powerful movement for transformation in the world.

He spoke about two State Assembly bills he championed, including one that created Larry Itliong Day.

“Larry said we have a responsibility to people,” Bonta said. “He said we could do it the easy way or the right way. He chose the right path.

“When you fight for justice, you can achieve justice,” Bonta added.

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of the mural, which took place in light rain. Bonta, members of the Itliong family and school officials listened to Silva explain the different parts of her job.


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