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At a book launch in Kingston, Lifespan Spring Water Co CEO Nayana Williams officially presented her novel titled The lifespan movement: progress. Goal. Joy. It was held on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2022, which was celebrated under the theme Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Future.

Williams composed a book that chronicles his journey. The book, she says, is a moving and empowering account of one woman’s personal progress in finding purpose, happiness and financial freedom.

This three-part work essentially traces the journey of Nayana’s Lifespan movement, from its beginnings as a child to the development of the company.

Williams shares her many failures, decisions and breakthroughs as she tells her many stories that have all helped propel her into becoming the businesswoman she is today. The book features personal success, career development, as well as family life, making it a relatable and motivational read. Themes such as courage and perseverance, family life, as well as professional success are highlighted throughout.


“I thought it was important to tell my story because a lot of people will relate to it, especially women. It’s not about achieving perfection. It’s about the decisions we make after an experience because it will play a big role in who we become as individuals,” Williams said.

Lifespan has impacted many lives, especially those working within the company. Its employees are considered part of the family and are treated as such. Williams has also managed to lead the business by accomplishing many things, including repeatedly winning Monde Selection’s The Grand Gold Quality award, which has helped put Jamaica on the map in this segment of the Jamaican offering. .

Jamaican-born Williams continues to guide her business, striving for success, while remaining the only female boss in a male-dominated industry.

The lifespan movement: progress. Goal. Joy is currently available on Amazon Books as well as iTunes and Barnes and Nobles online. Kingston Bookshop has the book for sale locally.

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