Newly discovered unusual sketches by Van Gogh on display in Amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam will present Van Gogh’s newly discovered works of art in the exhibition titled Here to Stay. The Dutch painter’s sketches of peasants were found in a novel about the French peasantry, and images of them were first provided by the museum to The Art Newspaper.

The recently appeared sketches were drawn on a narrow strip of paper. “I believe it was made as a bookmark. It would be curious to draw three sketches in this configuration unless there is a reason, and it fits perfectly into the book in which it was found, ”said Teio Meedendorp, principal researcher at the museum of Amsterdam, at The Art Newspaper.

Van Gogh is said to have made the drawings in 1881 in Etten-Leur, France. In 1883, the painter sent a friend the book entitled Histoire d’un paysan. After this friend’s death in 1892, the book with the special bookmark remained with his family, who eventually sold it to the Amsterdam museum in 2019.

New discoveries of previously unknown Van Gogh works of art are considered rare. “Although presented in the exhibition as a simple trio of sketches, the artwork almost certainly served an unexpected purpose,” said The Art Newspaper.

The three sketches will be on display until September 12 as part of the vast collection of works of art by Van Gogh and the artists associated with him.

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