Northampton Education Foundation awards nearly $ 16,000 to six city school projects

Posted: 12/21/2021 20:23:38 PM

Modified: 12/21/2021 20:23:23 PM

NORTHAMPTON – The Northampton Education Foundation has approved $ 15,727 in grants for six projects to be completed in schools across the city by the end of the school year, including the introduction of new learning and development tools professional.

The largest grant in this cycle is $ 5,000 to fund the creation of a learning module in every school in town called ‘A Mother’s Bond’, which will use storytelling to encourage educators and students to reflect critically on race and institutional racism.

In a statement announcing the grants, the education foundation said the school district will partner with the Self-Evident Education organization “to connect students to the history of their specific geography, connect their own lived experiences to stories from our past and connecting a sense of justice in the present and the future with an understanding of the past.

Megan Rubiner Zinn, member of the Foundation’s board of directors, said the small grants program is open to “any teacher with a creative idea who cannot fund it on their own with their regular budget, or an idea of professional development for himself or his colleagues “.

Previously, small biannual educational foundation grants supported a wide range of endeavors, including outdoor learning about the life and philosophy of Henry David Thoreau, promoting the Northampton Jazz Band High School and college classroom design that teaches coding for drones. Applications for the next round of grants are due in mid-April.

A $ 3,000 grant will support a family reading and math program at Leeds Primary School, and $ 2,520 will be used to print the fourth volume of The Viking Runestone, a book of works of art and d writing by the students, faculty and staff of Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School.

Seventh-grade English educators at JFK Middle School received a $ 3,000 grant to design courses on the cultural and artistic movement known as Afrofuturism.

“Their goal is to make the English curriculum diverse and culturally appropriate, to bring joy and engagement into the classroom while maintaining high expectations, and to promote student achievement by reading and writing, ”the education foundation wrote in its statement. The unit will focus on “Literature Circles Based on Various Fantastic Books by Color Authors”.

A grant of $ 1,811 will help fund Women’s History Month and Voting Rights programs at JFK Middle School, and allow for the creation of a Voting Rights resource section in the library. The school will also feature the League of Voters’ She Shapes History Art Exhibit for students and staff.

The PACE program, for students aged 18 to 21 with moderate to severe disabilities, received $ 396. The program will purchase a mix of concrete, molds and decorations, including glass beads, to create student-designed stepping stones for their outdoor courtyard.

In addition to the small semester grants, the Northampton Education Foundation awarded three endowment grants for the 2021-2022 school year, for a total of $ 61,640. Grants include $ 36,640 for an outdoor education program for elementary school students through the Hitchcock Center; $ 20,000 for educational programs with Grow Food Northampton; and $ 5,000 for a resource library project serving high school students.

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