Nothing but rolling hills and vast land to see miles from this Yass haven

The Chain-O-Ponds Homestead is peaceful rural living at its best. Photo: Ray White Rural Canberra.

Set on a nearly 13-hectare block of idyllic rolling hills with a dam and stream, when you gaze out your kitchen window or relax on your veranda in this Yass haven you won’t see any other soul at the world miles away.

Chain-O-Ponds Homestead at 1576 Blakney Creek Road North in Yass is rich in country-style features and well-established gardens, says George Southwell, realtor for Ray White Rural.

According to George, the sale of this property will mark the last chapter in the history of a local farming family.

“The farm – which was one of the last remaining large-scale properties in the area – was sold last month for $ 1,650,000 to a Sydney buyer by Geoff and Michelle Fountain.

“Now the property is for sale. This was separated from the rest of the farm when Geoff took over from his parents Elizabeth and John, but as Elizabeth, 94, moved to Sydney to be closer to her daughter, it’s time to say goodbye to this huge part of the family history, ”said George.

Elizabeth and John bought the property in 1969, making the Sydney Tree Change. They originally lived in an existing cottage before John built the main property with a builder from Yass.

With six teenage children, Les Fontaines built a large house designed with family in mind. Integrating an open concept living room, a billiard room, three bedrooms and an office, the house is bathed in natural light.

Daughter Carolyn says one of the most notable features is the slate tiles her father landed on.

Almost every room has dark wood double patio doors, and Carolyn explained that this was a calculated choice to ensure they could enjoy the countryside views.

As the next generation entered the scene, a gabled grandma’s apartment housing a loft, living space and bathroom was built next to the farmhouse to accommodate the growing family.

“Mum taught at Gunning School and Dad, an engineer by training, ran the farm and was the general manager of Goulburn Wool Scours,” Carolyn said.


It would be impossible not to feel relaxed sitting here. Photo: Ray White Rural Canberra.

As an adult, she often returned to the property.

“If I was ever stressed out from Sydney, a weekend at ‘Chain o Ponds’ would do; it was so great to visit and walk in the bush and enjoy the peace and quiet.

“It was great to have the opportunity to have a place like this to take my children and grandchildren. They loved helping Grandpa in the paddocks, working with the sheep and taking turns in the back of the motorbike.

“We have such fond memories of the children making rafts on the dam next to the house, pulling out canoes and picking fruit in the orchard.

“You hear about kids in the city who don’t know where the milk comes from or for that matter a lot of the foods that come from the farms, they think it comes from the supermarket, so it was special and important that they can have that regular exposure to countryside life on weekends, ”she said.

For George Southwell, it’s the bright open-plan kitchen / dining / living area that really stands out.

“This whole area is kept warm with an impressive fireplace and slow-burning heating, and it connects directly to a large billiard room,” he said.

It is also a property that offers complete privacy, well set back from the road and surrounded by tall established trees.

“The exterior is a real country sanctuary, with an orchard, a vegetable garden, plenty of space to breathe and a stream that runs through the garden with beautiful weeping willows hanging by the water’s edge,” he said. declared.

Located just 30 minutes from Yass, one hour from Goulburn and one and a half hours from Canberra, Chain-O-Ponds Homestead offers peaceful country living at its best.

To organize an inspection of Chain-O-Ponds Homestead to Yass, call George southwell at 0429 838 345 aand check out all other hot announcements at Zango.

Original article published by Lottie Twyford on The RiotACT.

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