Of all the characters in American horror history, one is above the rest

Lana Winters acts as a one-stop-shop for many of our worst fears and makes tangible the recurring themes that “American Horror Story” strives to explore.

“Asylum” refers to a deeply rooted fear shared by most people, that the effort to maintain our beliefs and sanity in a mad world will result in that world perceiving us as “mad”. . Lana is a sane and rational woman when locked in Briarcliff. Not only is she stripped of her identity and agency at the asylum, but she is also forced into aversion therapy to further destroy what she knows to be a perfectly natural sexual preference. Lana is gaslit on the most intimate level, and although literature and film have investigated this dissonance between what is real and what we are told to be real for decades (“Brave New World” comes to me. mind, just like “The Matrix”) is becoming more and more immediate, in which “AHS” has leaned repeatedly.

Lana’s arc also encapsulates a number of other horrors that “AHS” addresses, including the fear of being tampered with, silenced, imprisoned – even raped, assaulted, or killed – simply for being who we are (see : “Freak Show”). Finally, Lana’s pregnancy following violent rape, and her understandable abandonment of a child who will one day become a serial killer, raises fears that we are held responsible for our own disappearance or that of others. . (see: the story of Constance and Tate in “Murder House”).

In addition to speaking directly to a number of general Murphy’s themes, Lana speaks to the viewer about such horrors on another level. In response to one of the (many) “why do people like Lana Winters” discussion threads on the Subtitle AHS, user LittlePugBigSlug explained, “It’s more about empathizing with her. She’s so complex that a part of her looks like a lot of us, and that’s what we get attached to. […] We see each other in her. “

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