Prepare for a ‘weekend’ at Owatonna to honor parks and recreation

Every adult knows there is nothing better than a “weekend getaway”, especially when it means draining your children of extra energy.

In honor of Parks and Recreation Month, celebrated in July since 1985, Owatonna Parks and Recreation staff host the annual Owatonna Weekend from Friday July 23 through Sunday July 25.

Jessica Abrahams, the administrative technician, explained on the Parks and Rec blog:

“Parks are at the center of so many experiences and memories – moments that parks and recreation professionals help achieve. Our local parks are often our first experiences in nature, our introduction to a favorite hobby or physical activity. friends and family, spaces to celebrate life’s special moments, places of respite and healing, sites that connect us to essential community services, and much more. “

In other words, this weekend is a way to encourage residents to get out there and celebrate Owatonna’s beautiful parks.

The weekend will start with a sunset Movie in the park Friday at the Lincoln Soccer Complex Pavilion. This year’s contenders are Aladdin (2019), The Lion King (2019) and Tom & Jerry (2021).

At 10 a.m. on Saturday, the River Springs Water Park hosts a Cardboard boat regatta followed by Log rolling competition at 11 o’clock.

Throughout the weekend, Lake Kohlmier will have special equipment rental offers. Sunday, River Springs will have a ‘Super Special Splash.‘Admission will be $ 2.50 per person.

Fingers crossed that the weather is good because the weekend is sure to be fun for the whole family!

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