ReLink is back with a trailer

it’s been a good year since I did something Granblue Fantasy: ReLink he heard. The action RPG is back with a new trailer.

in one Granblue Fantasy: ReLink Meet the Dragon Knights – Lancelot, Vine, Percival, and Siegfried – who possess unique skills and arts. With the power of the Elder Dragon’s main enemy, a unique multiplayer game awaits you here, where battles develop through cooperation between characters.

Plus, they promise lovingly designed landscapes that don’t intentionally seek realism, but mark with details and things that make you feel the wind from the deck of an airship, for example. For the first time you are visiting Granblue Fantasy: ReLink Picturesque towns thrash across vast hills, and you’ll discover a lot more on this trip.

In addition, the characters have been meticulously translated into 3D, with pictorial lighting and shading techniques. The character models and their equipped weapons are carefully designed to be enjoyed from all angles. Equal attention was paid to facial expressions to ensure the entire crew looked alive throughout the adventure.

Granblue Fantasy: ReLink It will continue to release on PS5 and PS4 next year.

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