Retired four-star general thinks video game footage is Ukraine-Russia conflict

Retired four-star general and MSNBC contributor Barry R. McCaffrey tweeted what he assumed were footage of the Ukraine-Russia conflict – only to realize it was actually footage from a video game.

On Monday evening, McCaffrey, 79, wrote in a now-deleted tweet: “Russian planes are getting pinned down by UKR missile defense. Russians are losing a lot of attack planes. UKR air defense is getting formidable.”

And attached a video of what appeared to be missiles flying through the air and hitting other objects.

However, viewers of the tweet were quick to note that McCaffrey had made a mistake, and the footage was actually from the video game. ARM 3a realism-based military tactical shooter.

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Realizing his mistake, McCaffrey deleted the tweet but did not correct the error. People on Twitter took the opportunity to poke fun at McCaffrey’s mistake.

“I, uh, I have some concerns. Of all people, you would think that a retired general with four combat tours and three purple hearts under his belt would have *an* idea of ​​what this really looks like. stuff. the video was clearly animated”, Becket Adams wrote on Twitter.

This is not the first time that people have fallen for inauthentic information presented as a real conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

In February, social media users tricked people into believing that a video from the Digital Combat Simulator game simulator was the “Ghost of Kyiv”, a Ukrainian fighter pilot.

McCaffrey is a military analyst for NBC and MSNBC where he often speaks about the Ukraine-Russia conflict. He lobbied for the United States to support Ukraine in the ongoing conflict.

Previously, the four-star general served in the Vietnam and Gulf Wars. He received three Purple Hearts and two Distinguished Heart Crosses.

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