Rockford’s 2021/2022 winter forecast could be a cold and snowy mess?

Please don’t hate me, but now that August has arrived, I find myself dreaming about fall temperatures and fun more often. It also didn’t help calm my pre-fall obsession when I saw this post from WREX meteorologist Justin Ballard this morning…

(I totally feel your pumpkin obsession, Justin, drink!)

The cold temperatures we experienced going out this morning, coupled with the fact that it’s officially the last month of the meteorological summer, left me wondering what the long-range forecast for Fall / Winter 2021 looked like. in Rockford. So … I googled it.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac forecast for fall / winter 2021 in Rockford

Looking up The old farmer’s almanac Long-term predictions for the Midwest region I’ve learned that we should expect a significant cooling in temperatures around September 9-20, 2021, but a short-lived warming could occur around the end of September. The Old Farmer’s Almanac also says; “September and October will be cooler than normal, with slightly above normal precipitation in the east and below normal in the west.” The Old Farmer’s Almanac doesn’t say much about the weather forecast for November through 2022 yet, so let’s just keep our fingers crossed, they provide good news when the extended winter outlook rolls out in late August.

It might take a few more weeks to get the ‘official’ long-term forecast for winter 2021-2022, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t expect it to contain a lot of freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall. As someone who doesn’t cope well with extreme heat, this summer hasn’t been too miserable. Will the decently mild temperatures continue through the winter months or are they just an opening act for the extremely cold temperatures to come? Prepare accordingly.

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