Samsung presented the startups it nurtured during the C-Lab Startup Demo Day


Last updated: November 10, 2021 at 09:53 utc + 00:00

Samsung hosted the C-Lab Startup Demo Day earlier today at the Samsung Electronics Seoul R&D Campus in Seoul, South Korea. The company announced the achievements of the startups it nurtured and provided them with business opportunities.

The event took place under the theme “Meet C-Lab, the growth point for startups”. A total of 21 new startups were showcased at the event, and 18 of them were funded by Samsung in the past year. The event brought together senior Samsung officials, leaders from the startup community, investors, and even prominent South Korean lawmakers.

C-Lab startups featured at the event include BitSensing, DeepX, DigiSonic, Dot, Double Me, Evar, Lessengers, Litness, MAy’I, MindCafe, MultiplEYE, Omnious, Perseus, PetNow, Platfos, Presence, SeaWith, Select Star, Sylvia Health, Verses and Waddle.

SeaWith’s enterprise value was multiplied by 6 after being selected in the C-Lab. Silvia Health’s employees grew fourfold, while Select Star’s sales reached KRW 6.1 billion within two years of its discovery. DoubleMe has recorded more than 50,000 cumulative users and KRW 3 billion in sales since its launch in November 2020. It has installed “Twin World” paid spaces in 25 locations in 17 cities and ten countries around the world.

Lessengers has developed an optical transceiver, a central component of an optical communication network, and offers them at lower prices than its competitors. The company will provide its solution to Samsung and is working to develop the world’s first ultra-small 400 Gbps optical module.

  • Bit detection: An imaging radar technology startup that offers integrated solutions to create safe and convenient solutions in various fields such as mobility, smart wellness, smart city and smart home.
  • DeepX: It promises to offer the most efficient and advanced NPU technology for IoT products.
  • DigiSonic: Its software enables real-time 3D spatial sound conversion to maximize video realism in all areas, such as real-time video training.
  • Point: Founded in 2015, Dot introduced the world’s first touchscreen that used 120 patents. The startup wants to create a barrier-free world for everyone with smart technology, including braille smartwatches, educational laptops for the visually impaired, and kiosks for disabled and non-disabled consumers.
  • Double me: An MR (Mixed Reality) startup that operates a real-world metaverse called Twin World that provides “a new life beyond reality”With new social relations and economic activities in a mixed reality space decorated on top of reality.
  • Évar: The startup has developed the world’s first autonomous driving robot that automatically charges electric vehicles.
  • Lessengers: He is developing a unique solution to solve optical connectivity problems.
  • Brightness: Offers interactive online fitness programs so everyone can lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Can I: Development of an AI-based image processing program to create offline visitor data after browsing existing CCTV footage.
  • MindCafé: It is a mental health care company that provides in-person psychological counseling and develops treatments for mental disorders. It is the largest mental health care platform in South Korea.
  • Multiple EYES: He has developed a deep learning-based solution that offers image-based environment recognition. Its solutions can improve autonomous driving and smart cities. Its solution includes four ultra-wide cameras to build a 3D model of the surrounding environment.
  • Omnious: AI-powered image recognition that offers automatic product labeling and trend analysis to fashion brands.
  • Perseus: Offers a security suite for automotive software.
  • PetNow: Development of an application that uses an AI-based animal biometric service to recognize pets.
  • Platforms: Offers a cloud platform to offer gift cards.
  • Presence: It offers an instant audiovisual collaboration tool to help remote teams overcome fatigue from frequent video meetings.
  • SeaWith: Wants to grow meat grown using algae to solve two problems with one solution.
  • Select the star: He developed a crowdsourced AI learning data platform.
  • Silvia Health: Silvia is building a dementia prevention ecosystem through a face-to-face cognitive healthcare platform.
  • Verses: It promises to turn musical imagination into reality through its interactive music solution.
  • Waddle: It builds high quality voice data set by collecting and processing voice data for digitally disadvantaged people.

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