Shashank Vyas calls on those who use social media to seek validation


The actor shared an article on how social media has become “a mental prison”; adds that he could use it but does not depend on it

Recently, Shashank Vyas took to social media to share an article on how social media has become “a mental prison” as it is about “pleasing people” and achieving “perfectionism” . Speaking of which, he says, “I have heard from many people that social media is very important to a public figure these days. But is it a need? I can certainly live without it. I can still be an actor without the presence of social media platforms.

He believes that social media platforms have been reduced to a tool for attracting attention and validation. “Maybe we’re not entirely happy and when we get rave reviews and likes on our photos, we feel like our life is over. We all have our share of grief. But we choose to present only the happy things, ”says Vyas, stressing the importance of drawing a line between realism and artifice.

Often, actors are zeroed for a movie based on the number of their followers on their social media accounts. Sharing his opinion, the Balika Vadhu actor said, “Naseer (Naseeruddin Shah) sir has fewer followers than I. Is this a parameter to gauge his talent or his success? We know that subscribers can be bought. Your followers can never determine how good an artist you are.

And for artists in particular, he thinks it is important to get out of the world of social networks: “For artists, observation is an important part of their profession. When you go out, meet people, and watch the way they talk or walk, a whole world opens up.

Emphasis should be placed on the protection of interpersonal relationships and mental health. “We have stopped calling our friends and relatives because we are getting an update about them through social media. Birthdays have become about posting photos. Human beings are social animals. We have to interact with others. I use social networks but I am not dependent on it, ”he concludes.

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