Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lisa Ann Walter on Abbott Elementary’s A+ Wardrobe and the Compliments They Get from Real Teachers

School is back in session, and with that too Abbott Elementary Schoolwho recently returned to 2022 TV Schedule for its second season, all hot her big night at the Emmys. And in the hit sitcom about a Philadelphia public school, every teacher, on and off screen, apparently pays a lot of attention to the show’s wardrobe.

When CinemaBlend’s Nick Venable and a few other outlets spoke to Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lisa Ann Walter, who play Barbara Howard and Melissa Schemmenti respectively on Abbott Elementary School, the pair talked about their A+ wardrobe on the show. Find out what they had to say:

Sheryl Lee Ralph: Believe it or not, our costume designer Sue was absolutely amazing and intentional in buying our wardrobe, buying our look from the stores where the characters themselves would buy. So you might see me in these cute sweaters, but they were bought at Ross, they were bought on sale at Macy’s, they were bought at Marshalls. This is how they build the appearance of the character. Well, we know Barbara Howard is a church lady. She’s a very buttoned-up woman, so you see these twin sets, these sweater sets; you see the pearls. Who knew a woman had so many pearls? My God.

Lisa Anne Walter: Barbara Howard brought back the pearls.

Sheryl Lee Ralph: And her hair is that now iconic wig, where so many people on social media are like, “Oh my God, we all know the professor with that wig.”

Lisa Anne Walter: This 27 piece wig. They are very specific. They know the wig.

Sheryl Lee Ralph: And I like the fact that the teachers actually look at our clothes – and my shoes, my shoes are comfortable – they revel in the idea that we don’t make fun of them. We just show what they do. And I’m so happy that Quinta chose Sue, who was so able to bring this vision to life, that the teachers respond to it with love and enjoy being seen as well. So that’s another thing we’re working on: the Barbara Howard clothing line. I can see that.

While the Abbott Elementary School teachers style, the show’s costume designer is actually very careful not to make them wear catwalk fashion. As noted by Ralph, Susan Michalek does her shopping for teachers by going to common places where public school teachers can go, like Ross and Marshalls. Not only that, but real teachers have noticed that the series pays attention to these details and portrays teachers with some realism. The pair of Abbott Elementary School the stars also said this:

Lisa Anne Walter: It’s funny, because in season 1 they were really trying to make us wear something different every episode, which the networks love to do. They’re like, ‘Well, how will they know it’s a different episode if you’re wearing the same clothes?’ But they got mixed up and they start swapping coins. But all my stuff is the same as I had last year with a few new jackets. I wear five or six pairs of pants and I wear the same shoes every day. My shoes are Doc Martens high heels, and I have another pair of Jessica Simpson platform flip flops that I’ve worn exactly twice. That’s it, two pairs of shoes. And we have people who write to us specifically and say thank you, thank you for representing what you would do. Because I mean, in my head, Melissa has clothes she could go out and disco dance in, but she’s not wearing them to school. She wears school clothes.

Sheryl Lee Ralph: Not Ava. Ava will wear anything. Ava loves all kinds of cleavage, and she’s not shy about showing it off. Ava will change her hair every hour if you let her, and also spend the school money.

As Ralph pointed out, the character of Principal Ava, fabulously played by Janelle James, is an exception here. She is in all fashion and does not hesitate to display it. But it’s part of her character, as Barbara Howard has donated her own money to ensure her students get the right education. Ralph once wanted to play Ava first before designer and star Quinta Brunson convinced her otherwise. However, as Walter pointed out, even Ava’s clothes aren’t very expensive. For example, she often wears clothes from Zara.

CinemaBlend also spoke to Tyler James Williams on Gregory Eddie still breaking the action rules look straight into the camera, and Quinta Brunson about an element of the series that particularly reminds him of classic sitcoms. catch up Abbott Elementary School the cast arrives as the new season continues to unfold. We’ve barely scratched the surface of Season 2, but now that it’s taken a wave and become more popular, maybe more exciting guest stars will appear too.

New episodes of Abbott Elementary School premieres Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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