Students in need receive R25,000 each, thanks to the artistic initiative of twins Justice and Fhatuwani Mukheli

The Mukheli twins create artwork to raise money for underprivileged students.

They entered the creative space with the help of someone who saw potential in them and gave them a chance to show off their creativity.

They want to do the same for others.

Twins Mukheli (Justice & Fhatuwani) and Sthu Manaka have partnered with Tastic Rice through their My loves Art Movement.

They curated 16 artworks inspired by untold South African stories of true generosity and the spirit of Ubuntu. The collection was auctioned at an event attended by art collectors who fell in love with the pieces.

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R1 million was raised at the auction held at Hallmark House and will be used to help students in need.

They will each receive R25,000 to continue their studies.

The twins showed up with their work I See Different You. They are photographers who have become household names in the advertising agency, and they are also good artists. While chatting with Drum, Justice says the most important thing for them was being able to sell their work so they could raise money for school children.

He says that as My Loves Art, they have ensured that their collection helps underprivileged students through the Tastic Educational Fund.

“This idea came about because we are from Soweto, born and bred and struggled due to upbringing. Now that we are at this point in our careers, it is very important to raise funds to give opportunities for schoolchildren, because we don’t want them to have the same background and the same experiences as us. Even if it’s beautiful now, it was a challenge for us to find our bearings and we always knew that with education, the journey would have been much smoother,” says Justice.

He says their goal is to send more children to school and help educate someone else because they’ve had the chance to meet mentors who have accelerated their journey.

“South Africa has its challenges and as a people we need to play our part where we can. We are not saying we can change things but we don’t want to complain but do more for the greater fine,” Justice said.

“As a community, we need to look at our immediate circumstances and resources and see what we can do with what we have to change our circumstances. The funding targets all students, as the window of opportunity is too narrow if we aim to fund some students.

He says their artistic expression and work portrays each of their stories. They encourage people to show generosity by supporting this movement to help young people gain access to education.

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Details of how students can participate to benefit from the fund will be posted on Tastic Rice’s social media pages.

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