The Art Angle Podcast Re-Air: How High Tech Van Gogh Became the Greatest Art Phenomenon of All Time

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This week, those of us who live in the United States are celebrating Thanksgiving. For many of us this means a lot family time. For Artnet News editor-in-chief Julia Halperin, that means visiting “Immersive Van Gogh” with her whole family early on. Yes, the whole team will immerse themselves in a light show dedicated to the 19th century Dutch painter at nine in the morning on Thanksgiving.

Even if you don’t spend the weekend visiting one of the many immersive Van Gogh experiences that have popped up across the country and around the world, there’s a good chance someone at your Thanksgiving table will be there. has already been. By mid-September, Lighthouse Immersive, the company behind just one of these touring Van Gogh shows, had sold 3.2 million tickets … 700,000 more than the number of tickets sold for Taylor’s 2018 Reputation tour. Swift.

Today we’re revisiting an episode from the start of the year in which Artnet News chief art critic Ben Davis and a very special guest Seija Goldstein – yes, that’s Andrew’s mother. Goldstein – weigh on the trend. Happy Thanksgiving and see you soon.

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