The best Oculus Quest 2 games and experiences

Virtual reality can be a amazing escape, a training or both. If you want the best standalone VR gaming console, the Oculus Quest 2 is your choice. The compact headset (an improved and cheaper update of the original Oculus Quest) reminds me more than ever that there are great games on the VR platform. (That being said, there is other virtual reality options if you already have a gaming PC or PlayStation 4/5.)

While Facebook’s intentions to put more ads in Oculus VR (and a Mandatory login to Facebook) may not be to your liking, the Quest has nonetheless become one hell of a destination for the best VR games. (Note that to access the best PC VR games like Star Wars: Squadrons or Half-life: Alyx, you will need to connect to a gaming PC with a USB cable.) Good games keep coming to the Oculus Store on a regular basis.

All of these games work with the year-old Oculus Quest and the new Quest 2, but many apps are receiving additional updates and graphics enhancements for Quest 2 owners. We will continue to update this list periodically. as new options become available.

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Solving games

Demeo is a miraculous four-player online RPG that captures the feel of collaborative play, but in VR. The 3D map, characters, and your floating hands holding cards that can be played in the game look like a D&D session coming to life in real life. A recent update adds more free content; the games are a bit hit and miss each time to keep the excitement going indefinitely.

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ForeVR Games Inc

Sometimes I really miss Wii Sports. Or real bowling alleys. ForeVR Bowl is the better simulation of the two, with online games and single player challenges, and a mix of realistic and weird environments. The physics of the ball are more realistic than Wii Sports could have imagined, but they are also forgiving enough to have fun. Just leave some arm room in your home play area … you need a little more headroom than you think.

Crytek / Oculus

You have no idea how surprisingly intense VR climbing can be until you’ve tried The Climb 2. This sequel to a classic VR game (also on Quest) uses your hands to reach and grab hold of objects. ledges, ropes and a zip line. It sounds easy, and yet discovering ledges, holding the right grip, and staying focused can be a real challenge. It is also absolutely beautiful.

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Solving games

It’s not Overcooked, but Cook-Out is a charming and truly immersive cooking game where you rush to make sandwiches using a grill and tools right in front of you. Other players can participate, up to four players at a time. At full speed, it looks like a theme park attraction created in VR just for you.

Cyan worlds

The new version of Myst from Cyan Worlds is the same game you’ve probably played a million times, but the environments here are truly gorgeous to walk through. Think of this as a puzzle game that doubles as a meditative escape. Learn more about Myst in VR here.


I missed my chance to go to Disney and see Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but ILMxLab’s Batuu-themed game is the next best thing. It’s not exactly a visit to Black Spire Outpost, but the incredible character set, world design, and intense blaster battles are an impressive feat. It’s over too soon, but this Quest game still costs less than most Disney memorabilia. (Also check out Vader Immortal, ILMxLab’s previous lightsaber adventure involving Darth Vader.)

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Big Box VR

Population One’s multiplayer battle royale experience is very similar to Fortnite. In fact, it’s extremely Fortnite-like. This is a good thing. There aren’t many full-scale multiplayer VR games out there right now, and this is one of the best. Descending from above, navigating the shrinking map, climbing and searching for supplies, and excellent controls make this a must-have team shooter.

Interactive Skydance

It’s expensive and the file size can reach 8GB on the Quest 2, but it’s console-quality virtual reality reduced to a portable headset. Saints & Sinners was already an acclaimed PC VR game, and the transition to Quest retains its polished, RPG feel. It’s creepy, but it’s also deep. There is more to it than just taking a picture.


Many Quest games are expensive, but a surprising number are free. Rec Room is a social hub that’s also a gateway to tons of social games, with a seemingly limitless set of possibilities. Sometimes it looks a bit like Wii Sports or VR Roblox. There are mini adventures, paintball games and more. I just want there to be improved parental control features (there seem to be a lot of parents letting kids into the playroom lately).

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It’s the app that kills Oculus Quest, and if you want to get moving, love lightsabers, or just take on a fun dance challenge, that’s it. There are plenty of tracks to keep you busy, the lightsaber tracking is fantastic, and there are additional music packs to purchase if you feel the need to. I am currently exhausting myself trying to beat my nephew’s high scores.


Bullet time, grab the gun, wait – the faster you move, the faster everything else moves. Get it now? Superhot was one of the first games to hit the Quest, and it’s still amazing. Second choice: Pistol Whip. (Sorry, I still like Superhot more.)

For fun labs

Seriously, VR ping pong is so good. The physics of the tabletop, the size of the play area, the way virtual reality fits perfectly with what you need – who knows? You can play online with real people, and the gameplay is incredibly ruthless.

Flame retardant games

If you’re up for a spooky dive into mysterious puzzle boxes, this brand new VR game from the creators of the hit game series called The Room is a fantastic and spooky mental challenge (it’s not great for kids, however). There are many other escape games on Quest, including the excellent I Expect You To Die, and a live multiplayer escape experience from Adventure Labs.

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Oculus / Tender claws


Synesthetic Tetris was one of the best games of 2018, and the Quest version is generally just as good. It’s intense, the music is amazing, and even though the levels are frantic, it’s also strangely zen. It is a perfect way to relax.

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Oculus’ ultimate weightless frisbee game is a relentless three-on-three VR experience that gave me Rocket League vibes, but in VR. The controls, which rest on your hands to catapult, are brilliant. The open beta is free right now, and it’s great. But expect to lose.


Moss talks about a little mouse with a sword going on a quest. You will follow him through levels that look like dioramas which you can look at at the bottom. Walking around and exploring beautiful worlds is half the fun, but the game itself is also great and plays like a platform game on console, but in 3D.


With other people in your home, virtual reality can be a lonely disconnect. Keep Talking involves others by having non-VR people handle a bomb defusing manual while the VR person tries to communicate and stop the bomb in time. It looks like a weird board game, which most VR games never do.


An infinite, randomly generated set of castle enemies meet you every time you play, and this roguelike game uses a bow and arrow as the only method of navigation and attack. The mechanics are great and being surrounded by enemies that you shoot arrows at can be incredibly intense.


If you miss mini golf (or real golf), the Pro Putt courses seem like a great alternative. The courses are cartoonish, but not crazy about mini-golf. The realism of the putting is surprisingly good. I find it all a bit meditative.


Talk about a game that never seems to get old. While Space Pirate Trainer has been around since the launch of the HTC Vive, the simple arcade design is perfect. You stand still, shoot aliens and protect yourself. Survive as long as you can. It’s perfect.


Want to revisit the games of the 90s, including the experience of sitting on the floor with a controller playing games on a TV? You can do this already with a small retro 16-bit console, but Pixel Ripped oddly does it in VR. You are a child in a house, playing games that are not there. Then you enter the world of pixels, and it gets weirder. The original 1989 Pixel Ripped from the 80s is now also inside as add-on DLC.

Vertigo games

Virtual reality can rock your sense of reality, and A Fisherman’s Tale is the best kind of out-of-body experience. A room with puzzles to solve also has a dollhouse, which is a perfect model of the room you are in. It’s like living in your own weird puzzle dollhouse universe, and it’s fantastic.

Vertical robot

Red Matter was one of the nicer Oculus Quest games, and an update for Quest 2 takes the graphics even further. The atmospheric and brooding puzzle-solving adventure takes place in a cold war in space at an alternate timeline. Your tool-filled spacesuit glides and struggles with the brilliantly evoked world, which often has Half-Life vibes.

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