The best photos from around the world

Gallery: the best photos from around the world

Gallery: the best photos from around the world

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The best photos from international news agencies chosen by our image editors.

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Amber Peters and her daughters Ava and Ella, of Blaine, pet Zips Red Spin as he stands in his booth at the Anoka County Fair in Anoka, Minnesota.Credit:Anthony Souffle/Star Tribune via AP


A young guest takes photos of the Van Gogh Live 8K multimedia exhibition featuring projections of paintings by Dutch artist Vincent Willem van Gogh, during the opening of the exhibition for media and guests, in Rio de Janeiro , in Brazil.Credit:AP Photo/Bruna Prado


People enjoy the sunset on the beach along the Vistula river in Ciszyca, near Warsaw, Poland. Water levels in rivers around Poland have reached an exceptionally low level after a period of hot and dry weather, with temperatures reaching 37°C (100°F) last week.Credit:AP Photo/Michal Dyjouk


Pope Francis holds his skullcap in the wind during his visit to the Citadel of Quebec, in Quebec City, Quebec. Pope Francis is making a six-day ‘penitential’ visit to Canada to seek forgiveness from survivors of the country’s residential schools, where Catholic missionaries contributed to the ‘cultural genocide’ of generations of Indigenous children by trying to eradicate their languages, their cultures and their traditions.Credit:AP Photo/John Locher


Artist Peter Walker poses next to a pair of giant hands moving through Liverpool Cathedral as part of his latest ‘Being Human’ exhibition in Liverpool, England. The work known as Connection is a contemporary version of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the Creation of Adam. Connection is at the heart of the ‘Being Human’ exhibition, which also features works titled ‘Reflection, Identity and Creativity’.Credit:Christopher Furlong/Getty Images


Students from a cadet high school are seen in an air raid shelter in Kyiv, Ukraine. In Kyiv, Ukrainian cadets announced the start of an all-Ukrainian crowdfunding for the purchase of the first Ukrainian F-16 fighter jet to “close” the skies of Ukraine to enemy missiles and aircraft. Credit:Alexei Furman/Getty Images


Minnesota Twins’ Nick Gordon watches from center field during the fourth inning of a baseball game against the Milwaukee Brewers in Milwaukee. Credit:AP Photo/Aaron Gash


Sebastian Somerset swims in the Men’s 200 Meter LC Backstroke B Final on Day 2 at the 2022 Phillips 66 National Championships in Irvine, CA.Credit:Tom Pennington/Getty Images

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