The Dragon Slayer Night Show is coming to Warwick Castle

The age-old legend of Guy of Warwick came to life in its most vivid and stunning way last Friday (August 12) in Dragon Slayer, an epic nighttime spectacle at Warwick Castle.

England’s greatest lost legend comes to life in a gripping theatrical experience that includes live performances, thrilling stunts and daring swordsmanship, before the jaw-dropping finale where map projection mixed with action live brings the legend to life on the walls of the castle itself.

The story unfolds of the eponymous hero who falls in love with the Earl of Warwick’s beautiful daughter, Felice, who is of a higher social status than him, a lowly page. In order to prove that he is worthy of her affection, Guy decides to go on a chivalrous adventure and becomes a knight.

Dragon Slayer arrives at Warwick Castle. (58646775)

He embarks on a series of heroic tasks that include battling the Dun cow, rescuing the maidens from the wild rulers, battling the Danish giants, and finally coming face to face with a fifty-foot-tall fire-breathing dragon that is projected onto the castle tower with incredible realism.

Dragon Slayer’s new format puts the audience seated in the castle courtyard at the center of an immersive 360-degree spectacle with actors in the audience, giant puppets, live horses and impressive rescues from the flames of the fire.

Dragon Slayer arrives at Warwick Castle.  (58646826)
Dragon Slayer arrives at Warwick Castle. (58646826)

After sunset, the second half of the show features a visually stunning state-of-the-art light show that is projected onto the interior walls and tower with mesmerizing realism. The special effects culminate in a fiery, fireworks finale that most certainly elicits a wow factor that has audiences on the edge of their seats.

Does Guy return to Warwick Castle and live happily ever after with Lady Felice? Well, that would be telling. You will have to uncover the history of where it all began over a thousand years ago on your own.

The Dragon Slayer continues August 16-21 and costs from £19 pp. There is also a show and banquet from £95 pp. For more information and to book a ticket, go to

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